A group of Republican senators oppose the appointment of Biden as president of the United States.

Sunday, 3 January 2021 – 08:25

11 Republican senators intend to create a commission for an “emergency audit” of the election results

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Eleven officials of the Senate The US officials announced on Saturday that they would oppose Congressional certification of the presidential election result, a final attempt to challenge Joe Biden’s victory as Donald Trump wishes.

So far only one senator, Josh Hawley, had expressed on Wednesday its intention to challenge the election of the Democrat at the certification ceremony scheduled for January 6. This latest attempt comes after repeated failures by supporters of Donald Trump in court to invalidate election results in several key states where he won Joe Biden.

“Congress should immediately appoint an electoral commission with full authority to investigate possible electoral fraud,” the eleven elected members of the upper house said in a statement, echoing repeated allegations of fraud by President Trump and by many Republican MPs during two months.

“The allegations of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 elections exceed any we have ever met in our life,” the eleven senators said.

“Emergency auditor”

The commission they want to create will have to “conduct a ten-day emergency audit of the results in the states” where the two candidates were very evenly matched, explained these elected officials, led by the influential senator from Texas Ted Cruz. If this audit is not carried out, “we will vote on January 6 to reject the voters of the disputed states,” they announced.

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Still, according to the senators’ press release, the states in question could then call extraordinary legislative sessions and possibly review their election results.

In U.S, the president is elected by indirect universal suffrage. The electoral college declared on December 14 the victory of Joe Biden with 306 votes against 232 of Donald Trump; it takes 270 to become president.

The leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, then recognized the victory of Joe Biden and asked the Republicans to certify this result.

The Cmara and the Senate they will meet on Wednesday to certify these results, a procedure that is usually a mere formality.

But the outgoing president still claims to have won the November 3 election by a wide margin, and has asked his supporters to demonstrate in Washington on wednesday.

Donald Trump posted on Twitter on Saturday the list of eleven senators who joined Josh Hawley, senator of Missouri, praised his initiative and reiterated that he was the victim of fraud by the Democrats during the presidential elections. “An attempt to steal a landslide victory. We cannot allow that to happen!” He wrote.

Trump is counting on the debate in Congress to bring to the public the material that he believes is the basis of his fraud charges. “And after people see the facts, there is still a lot to come …”, tweet.

In the House of RepresentativesWith a Democratic majority, more than a hundred elected Republicans plan to vote against the certification, according to CNN.

Not enough voices

But in the House as in the Senate, there will not be enough votes for the process to be successful.

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“We are not naive. We hope that the majority, if not all Democrats, and perhaps more than a few Republicans, will vote otherwise,” the eleven senators admitted in their statement.

Republicans who disapprove of his initiative include Pat Toomey, senator of Pennsylvania, one of the states whose result should be questioned in Congress.

“A fundamental and essential characteristic of a democratic republic is the right of citizens to choose their leaders,” Toomey said on Twitter.

“The attempt by Senators Hawley, Cruz and other senators to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections in key states such as Pennsylvania it directly undermines this right, “he said.

Republican Senator from Utah Mitt Romney, notoriously hostile to Donald Trump, called his colleagues’ approach “absurd.”

Donald Trump he has regularly urged Republican elected officials to support him in his quest to challenge the results of the presidential election.

This campaign has completely failed in the courts, which have refused to examine the evidence Republicans say they have.

A new lawsuit, led by the Republican Louie Gohmert, representative of Texas, was rejected on Friday in this state by a federal judge, and this decision was confirmed on Saturday by a federal court of appeals.

Louie Gohmert’s complaint was intended to show that the vice president Mike Pence, who will preside over the session of Congress on January 6, could declare the results invalid in some disputed states.

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