A nutritional science consultant reveals the relationship of garlic storage and cancer

Storage of large quantities of garlic has become what most housewives currently occupy, with the emergence of municipal garlic in the markets, and the approaching date of the blessed month of Ramadan, in which women prefer to store foods in order to save effort and time in cooking and preparing foods.

In spite of saving time and effort when storing foods, especially garlic, which requires time to peel and chop, a number of doctors warn against storing it so that it does not lose its nutritional value, or it becomes an environment for the growth of bacteria, as is common.

The healthy way to store garlic:

According to Dr. Muhammad Al-Hofi, a nutritional science consultant at Ain Shams University, the best way to store garlic is to peel it well, then chop it, and place it in transparent bags that are airtight, and empty them well.

He explained: “It is necessary to put it inside the freezer, and at a high degree of cooling, in order to preserve it, and it is forbidden to take it out and freeze it again.”

And the nutrition science consultant added, “It is possible to preserve cloves, but a solution is needed in order to preserve it, and this is used in stores and restaurants.”

Damages of storing garlic:

Dr. Muhammad Al-Hofi added that storing garlic lies in its taste, change of color, loss of its smell, and loss of part of its nutritional value during storage, warning against storing it in an improper freezer: “If the freezer separates, the icing will flow, and the garlic will lose its juice. “.

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The relationship of garlic to cancer and toxicity:

Dr. “Mohamed Lahfi” denied the widespread narration, regarding the cause of stored garlic, the emergence of “Clostridium botulinum” bacteria that cause poisoning and the growth of cancer cells, explaining: “Wrong words, and this bacteria may appear inside the cans, but it is not in the garlic, because Originally, it is a disinfectant and attacks bacteria. ”

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