A webinar on eye diseases in older dogs

Wednesday 14 April at 8.30 pm. Date to be marked on the agenda so as not to miss the live streaming of the third free webinar with which Innovet invites all veterinarians to complete the cycle of meetings on management of dog and cat eye diseases, organized thanks to the collaboration with Cristina Giordano, a well-known veterinarian expert in Veterinary Ophthalmology.

The first webinar in February had seen the speaker busy explaining the basic eye examination in dogs and cats: quell’standardized approach, based on anamnestic collection, execution of specific tear tests and ophthalmoscopic examination, which allows the diagnosis of the main eye problems of dogs and cats in basic clinical practice. Following this, in the second webinar in March, Giordano had traced the clinical picture of the main oculopathies of the young animal, including those hereditary conditions which require careful preventive screening related to race.

The third webinar of Wednesday 14 April, 8.30 pm is entirely dedicated to main oculopathies of the elderly animal. An unmissable opportunity to learn the articulated diagnostic algorithms of keratopathies, ocular surface problems and glaucoma in the elderly. All with the aim of outlining a third age program to guarantee ocular health to elderly and geriatric patients and, therefore, an acceptable quality of life even in the “golden years” of their lives.

Participate in the live stream it’s very simple. Just access the section “Events”And, after registering on the site, register directly for the third stage of the cycle of free Ophthalmology webinars.

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The main oculopathies of the elderly animal


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