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The dog came down from heaven.

Ilya was smoking while lying on the balcony. There was India around, in which he stayed for three months longer than he had planned. In Spain, a woman-taxidermist was waiting for feminist views, in Yekaterinburg – a mother with the daily question “When to go home?”, In Nepal – a bike parked in a friend’s yard. Ilya smoked and did not expect anything.

The red-haired dog jumped down from somewhere above, twirled around the mattress and lay down on the floor, as if it had always been there. Ilya put his hand on the redhead’s head, and he wagged his tail.

– Dog, are you hungry? – Ilya asked and went to get food.

For a week, the dog learned to ride a scooter with Ilya, sitting at his feet. Now stray dogs were always running after the scooter, barking loudly, attacking. The redhead barked in response: “This is my man!” At least that’s what I heard.

Ilya called the dog Tort, and rumors about the origin of the name flew around Arambol. The reason was a meme – a picture with a cake and SpongeBob. Ilya saw her on the very first day, when he raked rice from the pan into a plate for the dog.

The cake did not like the locals – he threw himself barking at every Indian. Beach vendors got the most. We thought they had personal accounts.

He rarely ate cake at home, but he had not slept only twice since the day he met. Ilya was worried at first, and every morning we discussed what exactly the dog had refused to eat the day before. I laughed – I managed to avoid talking about ate and sleep as long as possible, and then suddenly. Ilya also laughed, and then clarified whether it is normal that the dog does not eat meat. Indian dog)

We moved and Tort moved with us. Ilya rushed about for several days in search of a collar. Did you know where dog collars are sold in India? That’s right, in hardware stores. Therefore, Cake wore kerchiefs from old T-shirts with inscriptions and drawings around his neck.

Ilya made documents for the dog.

– What does it mean? – asked the female employee, entering the word Tort in the column “name”. – What does it mean?

The dog needed a passport to travel by train. But Ilya left alone. In the Himalayas, his friends just brought in several fighting dogs and warned that it is better not to take their own – they will gnaw. The cake remained with Ksyusha.

Ilya called Ksyusha every day and uttered voice messages: “Dog! Dog, I’ll come! Dog, I miss you! Dog, I love you! ” The cake was homesick and ran away from home. Ksyusha drove him on a scooter, just like Ilya. Dogs attacked her, Cake peeled off and fought back.

Once he ran away and rushed to our old address – to the same hotel, to the same balcony. Fortunately, Ksyusha’s former neighbor and girlfriend recognized him. “I took him to the beach, he has a lover there. And the dog’s mood immediately improved! Don’t I know how to cheer up? ” – she boasted, bringing the dog home. Ksyusha cried, Patrick shouted: “That one! The one home! “

Ilya returned, and for a week Tort did not leave him a step. One of our friends forbade her to come to her with a dog, and Ilya created a petition on some website for petitions – they agreed that if a hundred people signed it, the doors would open. It seems the girl gave up on the fifty-third signature.

Ilya bought a bike – a twin he had left in Nepal – and sewed an overlay for a tank with pockets for dog paws. The cake proudly sat on it and looked down at the relatives running after the bike. So the autumn and half of the winter passed.

Guests began to come to the dog. Some he brought himself, nudged Ilya with his nose and asked to stroke them. Ilya did not refuse, the cake rolled at his feet, and the homeless guest was thrilled with delight and surprise. The red-haired dog opened his eyes and whined sleepily: “My man is kind!” At least that’s what I heard.

He brought home almost all the beach dogs. Now when Ilya goes out into the street, the dogs run to stroke him and happily jump around. We laugh and joke that we have witnessed a little dog revolution. And, it seems, this is the best that the meeting on the balcony could lead to.

As part of # 90days winter and # naulizima

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