[ACTUALIZACIÓN] Urat de Osorno joins dog rescue efforts in Cerro de Lago Ranco

Due to the difficulties in accessing the site, the specialized unit relieves Lake Ranco Firefighters.

The efforts made by the Lago Ranco Firefighters to try to rescue a dog that is trapped in a cliff area have been unsuccessful, which is why the support of the Osorno Aquatic and Land Rescue Unit (URAT) was requested.

Mario Mancilla, president of URAT, confirmed to Diario Lago Ranco that the unit is on its way to Ilihue, “given the complexity, we bring rope specialists and the unit is heading to the place with 12 volunteers under the charge of the Second Commander,” he said.

Also Mancilla specified that the objective is to rescue the dog as soon as possible, “Firefighters were in the place and they could not get it out because the dog is on a hillside, a fairly pronounced cut and at a height of about 100 to 150 meters”, clarified.


This unusual emergency was activated in the afternoon of Wednesday, April 7, on the slope of a hill in the Ilihue sector, when neighbors noticed the presence of a white, medium to large-sized dog with pointed ears, from approximately o’clock 2:00 pm, remaining until now trapped on the steep slope and at risk of falling.

Firefighters evaluated, with the support of a drone, how a rescue operation could be planned, given the characteristics of the area, but when night came Firemen had to withdraw, and it is expected that the Urat can carry out the rescue, which It can be complicated given the drizzle that falls at this time in the sector.

It was reported that part of the Urat trip was financed by the Osorno-Chile Animal Protection Society (SPAOCH), and the other half by volunteers from the unit itself.

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