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Near the end of the year, major industries have begun to take stock of their industry mindsets this year, and the education industry is no exception. 2020 is a very special year for the education industry. The call of “no school suspension” has given many people the first real understanding and exposure to online education, and it has also successfully enabled the online education industry to achieve contrarian growth this year. , To become the main track for the public to acquire knowledge. According to the data released in the “Adult Self-improvement Report 2020” released by Taobao Education, 30% of consumers buy online lessons for their children, and 70% buy them for themselves.

Online education takes off

According to the “Statistical Report on the Development of the Internet in China”, as of March 2020, the number of online education users in my country has reached 423 million, an increase of 110.2% from the end of 2018, accounting for 46.8% of the total netizens. User needs have been fully released, and online education has been achieved. The Internet penetration rate of nearly 50%.

(2015.12-2020.3 online education user scale and utilization rate)

An epidemic situation made the excellent industry advantages of online education breaking the barriers of time and space popularized, and the problem of high traffic costs that plagued online education institutions was solved overnight. The online education industry has truly gone from spring to midsummer, standing on the new frontier waiting for take-off.

According to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of this year, star education companies such as Ape Guidance, Homework Gang, VIPKID, and Master One-to-One have received huge financing. With the support of massive amounts of capital, various education companies have launched a marketing campaign, taking the opportunity to launch free courses to attract traffic. VIPKID launched the “Spring Seedling Program” to provide a total of 1.5 million spring online courses for free for children who have delayed the start of school across the country; Netease Youdao announced that all primary, middle and high school students in the country can apply for free to study the spring start of the corresponding grade. At the same time, an additional 5 million yuan full attendance scholarship has been added; Xueersi Online School has used its killer trick-providing free online live lessons for primary and secondary school students across the country.

Adult online interest classes have become a new trend

The track of online education is becoming more and more intense, but adult interest education has sprung up. Compared with the learning objectives of vocational training and academic training, adult online interest education pays more attention to the learning experience and learning process. The absence of excessive anxiety and pressure and a strong learning atmosphere also make these adults who pursue improving the quality of life feel more positive about learning.

These interest education courses are diverse and the prices are not the same. From tea art, flower arrangement, dessert baking to art, Chinese painting, design and other content, the choices are so rich that students are dazzled. How to choose one or several courses that suit you? Courses are a headache for many young people. In fact, the ultimate goal of these courses is to let everyone improve the happiness of life and delight their body and mind from the little things. However, due to the fact that there are many squandering courses and institutions, and the prices range from several hundred to several thousand, the hard-earned money must be spent with a target. Therefore, when choosing an institution, the brand, influence and company strength of the institution , Curriculum setting, and teaching staff are all issues that need to be considered in a balanced manner. If the customer unit price is a few hundred yuan, the quality of an unknown course institution is difficult to guarantee. So be sure to keep your eyes open when choosing, compare and place more orders.

Adult interest education = exploring the essential meaning of life

Since adult interest education has not been in the country for a long time and involves a relatively small number of people, it is always referred to the so-called chaos in the industry. In fact, we should see that behind the interest education is the need for the spiritual construction of the Chinese people. A portrayal of the economic take-off. With the improvement of material life, people are not only satisfied with a feast and a big-name bag, but also a variety of rich travel life and exquisite daily life. Whether it is a minimalist life of eating and drinking, or a social life of chatting and laughing with great scholars and no friends, it shows everyone’s pursuit and yearning for a better life.

Some people study interest education in order to find more meaning in life. It may be to express the affection in the chest from the flowing brushes, or it may be to express the aesthetics of life in each hand-made production, and more likely to be in a cup of tea. Realizing the true meaning of life, no matter what kind of needs and realm it is, it shows that the promotion and changes brought by adult online interest education to students are profound and diverse.

Some students even said that they have established a deep friendship with the teachers in the process of learning. They can not only share the connotation of the work, but also talk about the ups and downs of life, and even use educational institutions as platforms for making friends. , Actively participated in every offline activity, re-expanded my social circle, and found some like-minded partners.

Behind the take-off of the interest education industry is the response of an inevitable stage of China’s social development, and it is also an important part of lifelong education. In the future, I believe that more people will join the courses of adult education to explore the true meaning of life.

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