Agreement between Education and the SAE to bring the labor market closer to ESO students and cycles of Huelva


The delegate for Employment, Training, Self-Employment, Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, and provincial director of the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), Antonio Augustín, and the delegate for Education and Sports, Estela Villalba Valdayo, have signed a Collaboration agreement on career guidance and job placement for Huelva students enrolled in Secondary Education, Training Cycles and Adult Education centers.

The agreement, which becomes “a pioneering project at the regional level” to promote the transition between the educational world and employment, responds to the materialization of several years of joint and coordinated work through the provincial network of Professional Guidance Services of the SAE and of the provincial technical team of Educational and Professional Guidance of the Education delegation.

As reported by the Board in a press release, a line of collaboration was started on an experimental basis that has been reflected in the design and development of joint actions, which result in improving the quality of advice and guidance in employment matter and to be able to connect the academic world and the world of work.

The Education delegate stressed that “education and employment are unappealable rights of any person, which help to fully integrate into the social and cultural environment.”

“These two realities, education and employment, are inseparable, and even more so in our current society of knowledge and communication and technology. It is clear that education in its most general sense, and training specifically, are facilitators of a quality labor insertion, providing and developing skills, cognitions, competencies, attitudes and general and specific aptitudes desirable in the world of work “, he said.

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As they have explained, “this great agreement” shows the will of both delegations to continue this work of years of collaboration, the main purpose of which has been to reinforce employment guidance actions in the classrooms of 122 educational centers, especially aimed at students with intention to abandon or finish their studies, “bringing them closer to the reality of the job market, obtaining a realistic vision of the companies, knowing the requirements to fill the jobs, recommendations in the selection of personnel or in their decision-making”.

Youth unemployment and the high number of young people who do not find employment in relation to their studies or who have abandoned their studies without a clear alternative “must be addressed globally, through a structural improvement in the transition from teaching to work”, has indicated.

For his part, Antonio Augustín has highlighted “the access and knowledge” that the SAE has about the business fabric of the province, through the thirteen Employment Offices, the Islantilla Hospitality School, the Provincial Directorate of the SAE or the Orienta units promoted by provincial and multi-provincial entities, distributed throughout the province, within the reach of schools and their management teams and Orientation departments “.

And all, “with updated information with which it can contribute in this work and its adjusted correspondence between supply and demand and that has allowed so far 824 registrations and attention to personalized itineraries of students belonging to the schools visited”, he said. the delegate.

In his opinion, the approach of educational centers to the business fabric is “essential” to promote the transfer of knowledge between the labor market and training, allowing “a continuous process of feedback, updating and improvement of training itineraries.”

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Especially for those students who are called as ‘target groups’ due to their risks of absenteeism and abandonment of regulated education, also students at the end of the Training Cycles, Social Guarantee and with Adult Education students, who require specific attention on intermediation in employment or knowledge of formulas for accessing job offers and advertisements through the internet, published in the Virtual Office of the SAE “, underlines the Employment delegate.


The collaboration agreement signed between SAE and Education includes almost ten years of joint collaboration between the Guidance departments of Secondary schools and the SAE devices in which up to 300 guidance and intermediation actions are quantified, the holding of Tables of Work by sectors and analysis of supply and demand in local markets, technical meetings in educational centers as well as referrals to workshops and information sessions at the Employment offices of the SAE.

The experience, which has yielded very good results, began on an experimental basis at the José Caballero de Huelva and Cuenca Minera de Minas de Riotinto high schools, and saw an increase both in content and in the number of educational centers willing to collaborate with the SAE and the planning of orientation sessions between the student population and the teaching staff, through various dissemination and / or publicity actions, but rather through intervention in specific, well-typified cases.

With the incorporation of practically all Secondary schools in the capital and their demand for services to the SAE, in 2017 a specific line of attention and approach to Vocational Training students was opened with the incorporation of the SAE Business Agents before Collaboration requests from the San José de Cortegana, San Blas de Aracena and Puerta de Andalucía de Santa Olalla del Cala IES.

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With these different work tables have been held on hospitality, on environmental and forest resources of the mountain region or collaboration for the approach of Dual Vocational Training to the Huelva business fabric, among others.

Thus, taking into account the results achieved, the degree of involvement of teachers, management teams and SAE devices, both institutions agree on the suitability and convenience of continuing to open new lines of collaboration, expand it to new centers and establish a protocol of action that allows students to complete their academic training and “thus integrate into the complex labor market with greater preparation.”

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