Anniversary year: lectures and concerts on Judaism

February 23, 2021

Under the motto “SHalom & Moin”, the anniversary year “1700 years of Jewish life in Germany” is being celebrated in Schleswig-Holstein.

Although it is important to deal with the history of the Jews in Germany, said Minister of Culture Karin Prien (CDU) on Tuesday at the start of the anniversary year. But it is also important to get to know Jewish life today.

The highlights include the events on “400 years of Friedrichstadt” and the opening ceremony of the Carlebach Synagogue in Lübeck, which is planned for August 12th. The Kiel state parliament will deal with the anniversary year on (tomorrow) Wednesday.

So far, more than 140 events on Jewish life and history are planned in Schleswig-Holstein. An overview can be found at The number will continue to increase because many plans have not yet been completed. The universities in Kiel and Flensburg, numerous schools and the Jewish communities are involved.

The lectures, concerts and training courses deal with the history of Judaism as well as anti-Semitic tendencies in the present. “We would like to show the diversity of Jewish life and culture,” said the state commissioner for political education, Christian Meyer-Heidemann.

Readings and music

The events that have already been scheduled include a reading by the author Alex Feuerherdt on international politics against the State of Israel and the Israel boycott movement on June 1st in Kiel.

The writer Ronen Steinke (“Terror against Jews”) will take a critical look at the rise of anti-Semitic violence in Germany and the state protection concepts in the Jewish Museum in Rendsburg on August 23.

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With a combination of reading and concert, the Ensemble OPUS 45 will present texts and pieces of music by well-known Jewish artists under the title “I once had a beautiful fatherland” on November 7th in the Carlebach Synagogue in Lübeck.

Jewish life today

A series of events in the Theater im Werftpark in Kiel is about Jewish life in Germany today. An event on Jewish life in Schleswig-Holstein is planned for November in the Jewish community in Elmshorn. A digital training course for teachers on anti-Semitism in the digital space is to take place in May.

“The long tradition of anti-Judaism, anti-Semitism and the systematic murder of millions of Jews in the Shoah – all of this is part of our history and must also become visible this year,” said Meyer-Heidemann.


The occasion of the festival year with more than a thousand planned events nationwide is the first documentary evidence of Jewish life in Central Europe. On December 11, 321, the Roman Emperor Constantine ordered the city leaders in Cologne by edict to grant Jews civil rights, including the exercise of public offices.

Synagogue communities, private initiatives, cultural institutions and schools all over Germany take part in the cultural program of the festival year. The federal, state and local governments are funding the program with 25 million euros.

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