Annual review: appeal with consequences

Because Alfter had not waited for the church council to approve when the text banner was put up in the shop window of a parish building, a dispute arose.

However, this was not about the content of the text drawn up in the “Bennefeld Circle”, but about the fact that Alfter had rushed ahead with the appeal, which the church saw as a political statement.

The result: The text now adorns another shop window, and after 17 years Alfter resigned his position as chairman of the foundation board of the Evangelical Church Community in Bad Pyrmont because he saw himself being treated unfairly.

In the parish letter “Querbet” he wants to continue to roll out the history of the Pyrmont Church and work on projects for kindergarten and school children. Like the late Gabriele Alder in the past, he also wants to offer art-historical day trips from time to time.

Of course, the city archivist has not taken care of Bad Pyrmont’s historical building stock. jl

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