Another atrocity in Shymkent: the dog was almost blinded


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Volunteers announced a fundraiser for medications for the dog and asked everyone who was not indifferent to help with the search for pet owners

NUR-SULTAN, February 23 – Sputnik. A dog with badly damaged eyes was found on the street in Shymkent. Information about this appeared on social networks.

According to animal rights volunteers, the eyes could be so damaged after the dog was hit by a car.

“The kid is young and at home. Well-groomed. On a dropper. The condition is serious, and in the coming days his condition will be stabilized by the veterinarian. One eye is lost. But the second, perhaps, will be saved. Time will tell. Now he is in severe shock and disoriented”, – volunteers reported on the Instagram page of the “Kind of Shymkent” community.

The press service of the Shymkent police told Sputnik Kazakhstan that the dog is being kept in one of the city’s veterinary clinics.

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Now law enforcement officers are looking for the owner of the dog and eyewitnesses to the incident.

“On this fact, officers of the Abay District Police Department have launched a pre-trial investigation under the first part of Article 316 of the Criminal Code” Cruelty to Animals “. Based on the results of the investigation, a procedural decision will be made,” the city police department said.

The volunteers who took the injured animal under their care, named him Misha and told that the dog is already better.

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This is not the first such case of cruelty to animals in recent years in Shymkent. At the end of January, volunteers found a young dog with burnt eyes.

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The dog found an owner who showed the volunteers a photo of a still healthy puppy. According to him, the dog could have escaped when the gate was open. However, it has not yet been possible to establish the monsters who maimed the animal.


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