Arya Saloka Involved in Filming a Film, His Appearance Is Far Different from ‘Aldebaran’, Will the Bond of Love Stagnate?

Reporter : Salma Fenty

TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – It was rumored that the soap opera Ikatan Cinta starring Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo would end because the main character was caught playing a movie.

The Aldebaran actor, Arya Saloka, who is currently being loved by many women, especially mothers, is seen shooting a film.

Arya Saloka himself confirmed that he was involved in a film project.

His appearance is said to be far different from the cold but caring Aldebaran character.

Responding to that, Arya Saloka also spoke.

Quoted by from YouTube Sing Kiye, Arya denied this.

“Yesterday someone asked, Bond of Love RCTI said you want a pack, right? “He said.

Ayya ​​Renita, Amanda Manopo, Arya Saloka (Kolase Tribunnewsmaker)

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“Because of this, so many thought, yesterday there was a filming, maybe yesterday there were people wearing different clothes. How come the people are different, I played the film with Dimas Anggara, Serryl, and Slamet Rahardjo, Dewi Irawan,” he continued.

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