BLACKPINK announces the joining of bands collaborated on the world tour at the live stream concert “THE SHOW” … Various contents announced –Kstyle


The bands who participated in BLACKPINK’s “2019-2020 World Tour” joined the live stream concert “THE SHOW”.

On January 12, BLACKPINK’s official SNS posted a notice regarding membership of the “BLACKPINK: THE SHOW” channel. Here, the contents of behind content for PLUS membership registrants, which fans have been interested in until now, were introduced.

Various contents such as band performance scenes, rehearsals, VCR shooting, etc. were announced. Not all information has been released yet, but the expectations of fans around the world are rising. It is extremely rare for a band to appear in a live stream concert. You can see that the venue has a realistic sense of presence and a highly complete stage.

YG revealed that “THE BAND SIX”, who has a long relationship with BLACKPINK, has teamed up again for this live stream concert “THE SHOW”. BLACKPINK’s fantastic stage will be unfolded. ” “The footage of their band ensemble can be confirmed in advance through the PLUS membership of the’BLACKPINK: THE SHOW’channel,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the remaining two question marks stimulated the curiosity of the fans. BLACKPINK has been showing off their overwhelming ability and new and special stages at each performance, so they are interested in what the hidden content is.

BLACKPINK’s live stream concert “YG PALM STAGE-2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW” will be held on January 31st at 2:00 pm (Korean and Japanese time). The PLUS membership video, which will be released in order, can be viewed until 10:00 am on February 17th.


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