Carnival procession in Vilshofen – how does it work ?!

The carriages pull through the city gate for the first carnival procession in Vilshofen; −Photo: Heinlein

Actually, the carnival friends of the Vilusia should now mop up. But they really can’t be beaten and always come up with something. On Sunday they even send the first carnival parade in a long time over the Vilshofener town square. Over 20 vehicles are there, including the floats from five neighboring carnival associations, including their guards and prince couples. Two moderators will introduce the participants to the colorful crowd via the microphone and create a good atmosphere. There is also a stage with live music, Mayor Florian Gams greets the crowd from the first floor of the town hall.

The best thing about it: The whole thing works without violating the Corona rules. Because not real people move across the town square, but figures and carnival vehicles made of Lego. In loving detail, the Vilusians shot a nine-minute video film, which they put online on youtube on Sunday noon, 7.2.2021. What was initially a vague idea has turned into a great community action over the last few weeks. Involved in it: At least 120 Lego figures, 13 children, the two presidents Sonja Pilsl and Christian Heinlein, auditor Bernd Schneider as his co-moderator and mayor Florian Gams with a greeting in the original sound.

With great skill, the children built imaginative theme floats and the magnificent vehicles of the Vilusia and its friends’ carnival clubs – from the black locomotive of the Pleintinger to the Raindinger Narrenschiff. Sonja Pilsl created the town square backdrop and Christian Heinlein was the chief filmmaker, presenter, editor and sound engineer. Scene after scene, the two of them pulled the vehicles by the thread past three cameras.

On the following days, the Vice President cut the material together and moderated it with Bernd Schneider. − red

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