In Ryazan, a shepherd dog attacked a child – News – Ryazan city on the city website

A five-year-old child and his grandmother were leaving kindergarten. They were attacked by a shepherd dog near house number 12 on Kutuzov street. In Ryazan, a child was attacked by a shepherd dog. This was reported by the mother of the child on the social network. According to her, the incident took place on February … Read more

Martin Rütter: Concern for the bitch Emma – “Now it’s time to keep your fingers crossed”

Martin Rütter: Shock diagnosis for bitch Emma – “Now it’s time to keep your fingers crossed” March 3rd, 2021 at 9:03 pm Martin Rütter is very concerned: A tumor was discovered in his dog Emma. Photo: picture alliance / Jörg Carstensen / dpa | Jörg Carstensen, IMAGO / Future Image How terrible! It is the … Read more

This dog follows the children of his masters to college, he is summoned to the principal’s office – Unusual

This dog follows his masters’ children to college Summoned to the principal’s office, Sandy seems very ashamed of his actions … Dogs have an unwavering loyalty to their families. This is one of their many qualities and it is also for this reason that they are often said to be man’s best friends. However, their … Read more

Before the two sessions, Li Keqiang issued an important warning: prevention of animal epidemics and food security | 2021 No. 1 Central Committee Document | Two Sessions of the Communist Party of China | Guaranteeing Pork Supply

[NTD News March 03, 2021, Beijing time]On the eve of the two sessions of the Chinese Communist Party, Li Keqiang issued an important warning at the agricultural production meeting on the 2nd, demanding that he spare no effort to ensure food security and do a good job in the prevention and control of major animal … Read more

PDF Research: Pet Obesity Management Market 2021: Highlighting Huge Growth with Pre and Post COVID-19 Market Estimate (AuxThera LLC., Blue Buffalo Co. Ltd.)

This recent compilation of research on the Global Pet Obesity Management market by is a versatile and future-proof analytical survey that replicates trend assessment, an in-depth assessment of market valuation and trends of Revenue generation with insights into profit models, competition spectrum, and associated vendor strategies illustrated by major players and market participants contributing … Read more

They find the corpse of a dog with a broken skull in a Caudiel container

The Civil Guard has investigated a person for the commission of an alleged crime related to the protection of flora, fauna and domestic animals, after the discovery of the corpse of a dog in a container in the town of Caudiel that presented worthy of violence. Agents from the Seprona de Segorbe traveled to the … Read more