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[Epoch Times, February 24, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing reported) Recently, the head of a branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life”) was reported by employees of fraud and corruption in real names, but it was very serious. Company officials shielded each other, and whistleblowers were retaliated against.

It is reported that the informant’s name is Zhang Naidan. She joined China Life Nenjiang branch in 2003. Zhang Naidan was expelled by the company’s supervisor in March last year because of real-name reporting of fraud and corruption.

Zhang Naidan stated in the public report that all the directors of Nenjiang Company used fraud to obtain money from the state and the people to fill their own pockets. After the manager of Nenjiang Company was changed to Sun Xiaogang in 2018, the fraud situation became more and more serious.

The report materials show that the corruption problems of China Life’s Nenjiang branch include: 1. “Long-term insurance and short-term insurance”, promising customers high interest fraud insurance. Sun Xiaogang, in order to complete the “good start” stage tasks and his own job promotion, “wrapped” “Shengshi Zhenpin” into a one-year savings product, deceived customers to buy insurance in the form of “long-term insurance and short-term insurance”, and arranged for customers to unify in the second year Surrender the insurance. The company collects premiums of more than 10 million yuan (RMB, the same below), and collects a total of more than 2 million yuan in various commissions, rewards, and performance bonuses. The regulatory authorities have not yet ascertained where the money went.

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2. False increase in staff and false display of manpower. In order to complete the task of increasing the number of employees, Nenjiang Company steals personal information such as customer ID cards from the internal system to handle false entry into the company. For more than ten years, an average of more than 200 people have been added to the company each year. At the same time, they forged customer signatures, used ID cards as financial guarantees for other salesmen, opened bank accounts privately, and cashed out the commissions, various allowances, and rewards derived from falsely linked manpower. Every year, these fake employees, fake insurance premiums and various personnel training are used to collect several million yuan in company bonuses, performance and team building expenses. Companies in Heihe and Heilongjiang Province have added more falsely.

3. Falsely list expenses. The subjects that Nenjiang Company pays most are customer maintenance and publicity expenses. Every month, Sun Xiaogang asked customers to forge their signatures and use the policy number to counterfeit the customer’s reward gifts. In addition, there are company tours, thank you banquets and other activities. Then use false invoices, fake business licenses, and fake accounts to reimburse the package. One item of leader fraud can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, which can cost several million or more a year. The money collected has been credited to the account provided by the supervisor and carried into his pocket.

In 2019, the whistleblower Zhang Naidan reported to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission the real name of “China Life Nenjiang Branch Leader Sun Xiaogang Fraudulent and Corruption”, and both reports were transferred to the Heilongjiang Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau for “self-examination and self-correction”.

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Sun Xiaogang admitted during an investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection: “The fraud by the Nenjiang Company was an order issued by Huang Yahui and other leaders of the Heihe Company after a meeting and discussion.” The whistleblower said that the old and new leaders of the Heihe Company also said in interviews with her that “the fraud was instructed by the provincial company, otherwise Heihe and Nenjiang would not have such great power to dare to do so.” This shows that every level of the company is fraudulent, and the leaders are in the same way and shield each other.

Beijing, China Life’s advertising board. (Frederic J. BROWN/AFP)

According to the penalty information published on the website of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission of the Communist Party of China in December 2019, the official recognition of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Nenjiang branch has “falsified fee violations”.

However, in the end, the Heihe Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau only fined him 100,000 yuan, warned Sun Xiaogang and others and imposed a fine of 10,000 yuan. The official did not conduct a more in-depth investigation of the above-mentioned report of Zhang Naidan.

Public information shows that China Life Insurance (Group) Company is the largest insurance company in China and a central financial enterprise of the Communist Party of China. China Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the eight first-tier subsidiaries of the group.

China Life Heihe Branch sued the informant Zhang Naidan in July last year for “infringing on the company’s reputation.” Zhang Naidan stated that the plaintiff had no substantive evidence and provided screenshots of articles she posted on the Internet, which were taken out of context.

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Zhang Naidan said, “I have won the case now, but you still obstructed and interfered with my posting of reports on the Internet, and blocked me everywhere. So from today on the world, as long as I can send it to the Internet platform, I will post to it and see you. How to stop me, I let the people of the world see what is going on with China Life. I believe that evil does not suppress the right, and the truth will last forever!”​​​

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