Cluster “Bang Khae Market” is addicted to COVID 69, cumulative 293 people

Bangkok, proactive screening, found 69 people in Bang Khae area infected with COVID-19, the cumulative number of 293 people awaiting results, another 493 people, along with intensive testing throughout Bangkok

March 16, 2021, Bangkok Disclose the results of the infected person, proactively to the people in Bang Khae and nearby areas more. Found 69 more infected people by the date of March 15 the past. An additional 1,290 people were examined, a total of 6,281 tested, 293 infected, 5,495 non-infected and 493 awaited results.

In this regard, the public asked for cooperation to protect themselves. Cooperate strictly in compliance with the measures To control the situation back to normal Especially forgetting to wear masks, washing hands often, spaced

Evacuate every market in Bangkok.

For a new group of people infected with COVID-19 around Bang Khae market Which is characterized by a low-roof market The ventilation system in the market is not good. When there are people infected in such places, it can spread easily and spread rapidly. The BMA meeting therefore urged every district office to monitor the market in the area. If it is found that any market has such characteristics, immediately coordinate the market owner for improvement.

In addition, check the hygiene of the market in areas at risk of the spread of disease. By allowing market owners, entrepreneurs, traders and service users in the market to comply with anti-epidemic measures, such as setting one way to market. Arrange to screen everyone before entering the market. Provide a handwashing point with hand washing alcohol. All traders must wear a mask at all times. Wash your hands frequently with water and soap or hand sanitizer. As for the people who will enter the market, everyone must wear face masks.

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