Is “Vaccination Proof App” Required for Travel and Event Return?

San Francisco (CNN Business) Vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine has begun in several countries, including the United States. Some may think that this will bring them back to their daily routine of traveling and shopping. However, in addition to vaccination, a vaccine passport app to prove vaccination may be required to participate in such activities.

Several companies and organizations have begun developing smartphone apps and systems that can record information about individuals’ new coronavirus tests and vaccinations. These digital certificates can be presented upon admission to concert venues, stadiums, cinemas, offices, and even to other countries.

The Common Trust Network, a project promoted by Swiss non-profit organizations and the World Economic Forum, includes airlines Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swissair, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, as well as national health systems and It is affiliated with the Aruba government.

With the group’s app “Common Pass,” the results of the new coronavirus test and information on vaccination certificates issued by medical institutions can be registered as QR codes, and users can present their health certificates without revealing their personal information. When traveling, you can list the health passes required at the departure and arrival points according to the itinerary.

On the other hand, the application “Digital Health Pass” developed by IBM in the United States can customize the display of new corona test results, body temperature, vaccination records, etc., which are conditions for admission by companies and venues.

IBM’s “Digital Health Pass” app / IBM

However, with regard to such apps, there are also issues such as privacy issues and how to handle the difference in effectiveness of each vaccine. A particularly urgent task is to avoid situations such as contact confirmation apps where various standards are crowded and the desired results are not achieved.

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At the time when the new coronavirus began to spread, Apple and Google jointly developed a contact confirmation app using Bluetooth, a wireless communication technology. Many countries and municipalities around the world have also developed and used their own apps.

“The contact notifications ran into problems because of mixed adoption choices and the lack of federal leadership that required each state to act independently and make its own decisions. “. Jenny Wenger of the Linux Foundation Public Health, an IT industry group that helps fight new coronaviruses in each country, said.

To encourage such collaboration, the Linux Foundation is working with an international new coronavirus control organization and working with IBM and Commonpass to establish a unified standard for vaccine certification apps.

Brian Berendorf of the Linux Foundation explained that hopefully this effort would allow the vaccine certificate to be stored on a mobile phone, “using it to fly in another country and certify the vaccine in that new country. You can show the book and enter an indoor concert that only people who can prove vaccination can enter. “


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