Corona: Söder surprises with a flaming school plea – “Germany should be a dream”

“Germany should be a dream,” says Markus Söder – the Corona manager suddenly becomes fundamental when it comes to schools. Is the “S” in “CSU” now the standard?

  • In Bavaria, many primary schools reopened during the corona pandemic – a hotly debated step.
  • Despite this, Prime Minister Markus Söder was surprisingly fundamental about education on Tuesday.
  • In an online talk he spoke of a “German dream” – and considered a more social school policy.

Munich / Berlin – The schools have been in the focus of the corona pandemic, at least in the last few weeks: The openings were also hotly debated in Bavaria. But for Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) the problems apparently extend far beyond the question of classroom or home teaching.

On Tuesday evening he raised very basic educational issues – on a very state-supporting, almost chancellor-like scale. In a talk of image Söder indicated that recently a “dream” of social advancement had at least “postponed” in Germany.

Corona: Suddenly Söder makes a flaming social school plea – “Germany should also be such a dream!”

In the program, which was built around questions from children connected, Söder first praised the parents for their commitment to the pandemic. At the same time, however, he emphasized that the educational success of children in the pandemic also shows which parents can “get behind it” in supporting their children.

Germany should also be such a dream, a dream that anyone can make it. It used to be that any child could make it, even if it wasn’t from a rich family. That has shifted.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder is thinking about the social dimension of education.

As a result of the Corona crisis, ways must be found to “provide assistance”, specifically for children of parents who “simply cannot provide this extra support for their offspring, be it linguistically, or from less educated classes, or professionally”, explained Söder. The CSU boss argued that this should happen with educational concepts without increasing school pressure.

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“Germany should also be such a dream, a dream that everyone can create,” said Söder and added. “It used to be like that, every child could make it, even if it wasn’t from a rich family. That has shifted and we have to work on it. ”However, the Bavarian head of government also made it clear that he was not interested in abolishing the grading system, but in“ social work and educational ideas that go beyond the classic query pattern ”.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder wants to give children the highest priority – Greens issue different testimonies

The advance is also surprising because Söder seems to be tying into a more social democratic tradition: SPD Chancellor Willy Brandt once proclaimed “education for all” as a requirement.

Söder also made it clear in the live stream that school education was his top priority in the Corona crisis – after all, children are “the future”. But it is precisely this self-portrayal that the Landtag Greens expressed on Tuesday in view of the latest easing plans.

“If you take the ‘children and adolescents have priority’ seriously, for example, the extracurricular sports offers for the youngest with a hygiene concept should have been opened in front of the hardware stores,” tweeted parliamentary group leader Katharina Schulze. The Bavarian Green Member of the Bundestag Manuela Rottmann exercised fundamental criticism. “That should be the ‘intelligent opening matrix’?!? Seriously, Markus Söder, that’s not even a step-by-step plan, ”she fired from Berlin towards the State Chancellery. The CSU boss was recently criticized by many voices within the party for his opening plans.

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Chancellor Söder? The CSU boss makes Germany sit up and take notice with great thoughts – and chats about private life

Söder gave in that image-Conversation also provides insights into his private life as a father of four children. He was part of a more “modern family”, said the Prime Minister – he and his wife Karin worked with “incentives” rather than punishments, he explained.

Whether a professional move to Berlin after the federal election will also affect Söder’s family life remains open. On the one hand, there are fears in the CSU that party leader Armin Laschet is leaving the field too much for Bavaria in the pandemic – and talk of a “German dream” could now have spoken of great ambitions.

On the other hand, school policy in Germany is predominantly a matter for the federal states. And Söder again emphasized his luck in the State Chancellery on Tuesday. More than the boss of Bavaria “is almost impossible”, he said when asked by children. The nationwide surveys recently suggested the option of “more”. (fn)

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