Saturday, April 4, 2020

Coronavirus: CGT of public services files strike notice

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In the midst of an epidemic of new coronavirus in France, the CGT expresses its dissatisfaction. The Fédération cégétiste des services publics has filed a strike notice for the month of April. A notice which concerns its 85,000 members, among whom are the local officials, employees of water and sanitation, those of waste and social housing, or even thanatopractors.

In a letter sent to three ministers, Muriel Pénicaud (Labor), Gérald Darmanin (Action and Public Accounts) and Olivier Dussopt (Civil Service), and then shared online on its site, the CGT Federation of public services intends to denounce ” anti-social measures “,” to the detriment of solidarity and the lives of employees “, taken by the government Thursday, March 26 as part of the health emergency law. The union points in particular to “undemocratic derogations” and “attacks on the statute and labor law”.

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The union is also storming against “the government’s choices which make it the protective masks, hydroalcoholic gel and medical tests that are missing”, while “that never weapons of war or anti-demonstrators (LBD, gas …) are in sold out “. For the Gregorian Federation, these decisions reflect “concerns and interests of the State and the Capitalists”.

A surprising call to strike

Questioned by our colleagues from Parisian, the Secretary of State for the Public Service Olivier Dussopt did not hide his astonishment after learning of the deposition of this strike notice. “All the union federations have suspended the strike notices in progress or have given up filing a new notice for the month of April”, he noted, while France has not yet reached the peak of l coronavirus epidemic.

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Faced with the health crisis in the country, the CGT Finances Finances was among the unions which agreed to withdraw their strike notice for the month of April. This decision of the CGT of public services seems all the more surprising that the pension reform project has been put on hold, said Olivier Dussopt. Also contacted by The Parisian, the general secretary of the CGT Philippe Martinez supports the approach, “which, without being generalized, targets sectors where protections are not provided”. According to Natacha Pommet, at the head of the CGT of public services, this is “a notice of coverage, a possibility offered as a last resort to each of our staff to assert their rights if they do not feel protected in the performance of their work, ”she says on a daily basis. Will the strike be followed by the employees? Response from 1er April.

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