Diario Extra – Ministry of Health will allow outdoor concerts

Good news for the field of arts and culture. The Ministry of Health will allow outdoor shows, although only at 50% of the capacity and under certain guidelines.
“It is allowed to carry out musical activities from one to three live music performers and with an audience present, in outdoor outdoor spaces.
Activities may be carried out in spaces or buildings that already have a sanitary operating permit for this type of event.
The activities must maintain the capacity limitation of 50% according to the characteristics of the event venue.
The interpreters must make the presentations in different spaces from the public (in spaces separated by intermediate barriers, walls or acrylics), ensuring a distance of at least 5 meters between them and the audience.
The musicians with wind instruments (blown with the mouth) or singing, must be isolated from the public, through the use of closed booths, or from their participation from another room, place or space (not direct contact).
Under the co-responsibility model, during the pre-production, production and post-production of the activities (assembly, presentation, disassembly), the participants and the public must use a mask, comply with the distance between bubbles of 1.8 meters, maintain the cleaning of the site and common surfaces, capacity control.
The duration of the event will be two hours. The spaces of each social bubble must be fixed.
The audience present must remain seated during the artistic activity. A couple can dance per bubble. When the dance is planned, the distance between bubbles will be 2.4 meters between each bubble ”, reads the communication.

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• Cabis Calderón, Mariachi Hermanos Calderón
“It is news of great joy among artists, perhaps not with such freedom, but with access to presentations. We need to work and bring food to our families ”.

• Ricardo Padilla, Singer
“It is to understand that disposition of the Ministry of Health and its consent to allow outdoor events with all the sanitary protocols since we continue with the pandemic. Hopefully the vaccine arrives on time ”.

• William Hernández, Producer
“The opening is not what the guild wants, but it is a great step to open doors to soloists, duos, trios and venues with open-air spaces.”

• Don Stockwell, Artistic Entrepreneur
“I am very happy that a certain sector of my colleagues and colleagues can already start to activate. I eagerly hope that the vaccine is massively distributed so that mass concerts can be scheduled with certainty in the near future. “

• Óscar Umaña, Artistic Entrepreneur
“Sounds good to me. But it is urgent to open the part of larger events with protocols as has already been discussed. It makes me feel very good that little by little this part that is already very affected is opening up ”.

• Ernesto Arceyut
It is very good news for the medium, an opportunity for us to start little by little and with great responsibility to activate ourselves. We must be patient because it is not yet the normal environment, but it is a beginning ”.


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