Didesol Ahome will finally pay pending scholarships from last year

Los Mochis, Sin.- After a marked delay and multiple complaints from the parents of benefited students, the Directorate of Social and Human Development in Ahome, announced that it will start with payments related to the scholarship “Incentives for Basic Education”, corresponding to last year, this was announced by the head of the area, Marco Vinicio Contreras Bringas.

Contreras Bringas said that the payment includes the period 2020 and will be 4 thousand scholarships which will be charged in the next few days for students from first grade to third grade, and the support consists of 1,500 pesos in cash in a single exhibition, directly to the student, with a total support of 6 million pesos.

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“It must be specified that it is the payment for the year 2020, the requirement is that the child has to attend because the student has to capture his fingerprint in a system to be sure that the beneficiary is the one who acquires the scholarship, and we ask that An adult should accompany him since they are children from first grade to third year of secondary school ”.

The dates for the delivery of scholarships will be as follows:
Syndicate of Ahome, Municipal Gymnasium, February 26 and 27.
Sindicatura Higuera de Zaragoza, Assembly Hall, March 01 and 02.
Sindicatura de San Miguel, Casa de la Cultura, 05 and 06 March.
Sindicatura de Topolobampo, terrace of the Cultural Center, March 08 and 09.
Sindicatura de El Carrizo, Sindicatura, March 10 and 11.
Central Sindicature, Benito Juárez Auditorium, March 12-13 and 15.
Los Mochis, Benito Juárez Auditorium, March 16-20.

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The CEO of DidesolHe added that the objective of moving to the receiverships for the delivery of the scholarships is that the students can make the most of the benefit without the need to spend on airfare or gasoline to be able to travel to the city to receive the scholarship. The opening hours will be from 9:00 in the morning, until the last scholarship holder is attended.


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