Dog abandoned in Sturla, found presumed responsible

The presumed responsible for the abandonment of the dog, tied to a tree in the grove of Via Pontevecchio in Sturla, was traced and reported to the judicial authorities.

The news is given by Gian Lorenzo Termanini, the zoophile guard who immediately took care to recover the animal – very frightened – and help him.

“And this effort is also done – wrote Termanini a The Nerviese in the Levant – Once the investigations were completed, the alleged author of the abandonment was reported to the Judicial Authority “.

The perpetrator risks arrest for up to one year or with a fine of between one thousand and ten thousand euros.

The dog, now hospitalized in a municipal kennel, was treated and refreshed. He is recovering form and, as soon as he has fully recovered, he will be ready for adoption.

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