Easter 2020 – those were the most important topics a year ago

Easter 2020 – those were the most important topics a year ago

Philipp Engel

03.04.2021, 19:44

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Easter in corona restrictions – seems familiar. We looked to see which topics were read most intensively a year ago. A review.

Easter 2020, the first Lockdown is still running schools are closed. Is it allowed in the vacation drive? And what else was going on Easter weekend in the past year between Good Friday (April 10, 2020) and Easter Monday? We looked at which articles were clicked particularly heavily during the period. A selection:

Return to school in the north? Clarity Wednesday at the earliest

While various models of schools were still open before Easter this year, as were daycare centers, in 2020 we found ourselves in a lockdown that also included schools. The way back? At Easter it was still unclear, people were discussing. You can find the text from that time here.

Pensioner lay dead in his Wolfsburg apartment for weeks

A year ago, a shocking case moved people in our region. A pensioner lay dead in his apartment for several weeks before his body was discovered on April 1st. The police, who had been alerted by an acquaintance of the dead man, then confiscated the crime scene in order to determine the cause of death.

The apartment in an apartment building on Bebelstrasse in Wolfsburg was sealed following the investigation and only released for cleaning a week later. There was criticism of that. You can find the coverage from back then here.

Metin Aslan was buried in the closest family circle in Braunschweig

The cult restaurateur Metin Aslan made a name for himself with the Braunschweiger Tandure – but also far beyond. “He promoted sport, brought people together, was always helpful and treated everyone with respect,” said Braunschweig’s Mayor Ulrich Markurth at the time. A lot of people would have come to the funeral – Corona made that impossible. You can read the article from that time here.

Easter in Corona times – The rules in Lower Saxony

Looks familiar, doesn’t it? While we are discussing curfews and planning model projects today, the first lockdown was in effect back then. And already in 2020 on the long Easter weekend the following applies: Over Easter for a short holiday in the Harz Mountains or for a swim in the North Sea? Or would you prefer to have coffee with the whole family after the service to grandpa and grandma? Easter 2020 will be spoiled for choice: all of this is either prohibited or not advisable due to the corona pandemic. You can read again here what was allowed and what was not allowed back then.

And for completeness: You can find the current rules here.

Homeowners travel on the coast – neighbors report this

Here, too, a message that could be up to date, but is actually a year old: The owners of a holiday home in Friesland wanted to spend Easter there. The neighbors filed a complaint, the vacationers drove home again. This violation of the residence ban was, however, an isolated case, as the police announced at the time when asked. You can find the message here.

So at Easter 2020 we were similarly limited as this year. Hopefully 2022 will then be more hopeful. Incidentally, this is exactly what Dirk Breyvogel writes in his column “This week”. Read here what the pandemic is doing to us humans and what it takes so that we can make it to the final spurt.


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