Education may be 100% face-to-face in rural areas – National

Classes will be blended in urban areas, but may be fully face-to-face in rural areas, explained yesterday the Deputy Minister of Education, Robert Cano. They want to declare an educational emergency to prepare schools.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Robert Cano, met yesterday with representatives of teachers’ unions and presented the pedagogical plan for classes 2021. He explained that throughout the country, students whose parents so decide, will be able to study virtually. At the same time, in urban areas, blended or hybrid education will be implemented, that is, partly virtual and partly face-to-face, while in rural areas where the conditions are given, students will be able to go to school daily, that is, they will only have face-to-face education.

“The process does not imply an overexploitation of the teacher, as some thought, but one of the design principles of this plan is to respect the teacher’s time, respect the biosafety protocols, make efficient use of the infrastructure and also maintain a pedagogical development so that the learning objectives are met, ”said Vice Minister Cano. He assured that the teacher will have all the support of the Ministry of Education (MEC) to develop hybrid classes. He promised to socialize documents with the proposal during the week.

After disagreements with the teaching unions in recent months, Cano pointed out that the rapprochement that takes place this week “will lead to finding the agreement that best suits all parties and mainly students.” The goal is to start classes on March 2nd.

The plan includes forms of pedagogical work according to each level, from Initial to High School.

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The leader of Otep A, Gabriel Espínola, said that they will not allow the responsibility of keeping schools in condition to be transferred to the educational community. Silvio Piris, from the FEP, affirmed that demanding the declaration of educational emergency, they will protest on February 22. Yesterday, the Minister of Education, Eduardo Petta, announced to the Permanent Commission that more resources will be needed to guarantee biosafety supplies and the maintenance of schools and that he will present a bill to declare an educational emergency that will indicate where they can be take the funds.

Parents must define system

In official educational institutions, parents have time until this Saturday, February 20, to define whether their children will study virtually or through the hybrid system (combination of face-to-face and virtual). They can enter the MEC “learning” platform or go to schools or colleges. During the year they will have three other opportunities to opt for the presence.

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