Enrique Bunbury offers for the first and last time a concert via streaming

Enrique Bunbury offered a concert for the first and last time via streaming, in which, in addition to giving a musical tour of his artistic career, he performed several of his new topics with a production in which he did not skimp on the details.

The show, which could be seen in various parts of the world, began at 8:00 p.m. with themes such as “Anyone in their right mind (would have gone crazy for you)”, “NOM”, “The price to pay” , “The change and the celebration”, “The words”, among others.

“Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to be with all of you, we hope you like everything we have prepared,” said the singer when presenting his show.

The Spanish musician during the promotion of his show had indicated that he was against doing free online concerts, because his financial support and that of his team depended on it, that is why he decided that it should be paid and to compensate the price, he tried to make a good production.

“It was obviously the streaming thing, that I didn’t think about this issue. There was a lot of talk about the artist in pajamas playing the guitar at home and making songs every day, to be more present on social networks ”.

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“I resisted that because I consider that music and musicians should charge for their work and I believe that offering music as we are offering it in streaming, the records that appear on digital platforms, is already giving away the music and then giving away the concerts seemed to me the last straw, “he commented during a press conference.

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With a large stage, in which its musicians could maintain a healthy distance, it was also possible to enjoy the lighting that accompanied each musical theme, such as “Wake up”, “The great scam”, “Man of action”, “We seem silly” , “Undo the world”, “Have some luck” and many more.

While decorating the place wearing a purple suit and as if there were an audience present, the singer gave his best at all times, clapped, danced from one side to the other and showed his feelings in each song.

With that passion he continued the evening, with “The inhabitants”, “The foreigner”, “The sea”, “From all over the world”, ending with his famous hit “Lady Blue” and thus kick off the encore.

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After offering a little more than two hours of concert, the singer said goodbye with “The pale blue point”, “Damn duende” and “The constant”.

“Thank you very much, goodbye,” he said before cutting off the transmission.



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