Four ensembles from the Frankenberger Edertalschule produced video collages

Musical greetings from the Edertal School: A total of 136 young musicians from four instrumental ensembles at the Frankenberger Gymnasium recorded the school anthem “Pomp an Circumstances” by Edvard Elgar with their instruments from home, here in the final image, and published it on YouTube. They have not been able to give concerts for a year due to the pandemic.

© Karl-Hermann Völker

At least virtually, they give a musical sign of life: the ensembles of the Edertal School in Frankenberg, who cannot practice and perform together during Corona times, have produced a video collage of the Edertal school anthem “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar.

Frankenberg – Now it would be that time again: Youth symphony orchestras, youth orchestras, big bands and orchestral classes from the Edertalschule would perform with their traditional spring concerts, the posters would be printed – but unfortunately nothing would come of it. Last year in February they had another great success with “Heroes, Myths, Magicians”, shortly afterwards, in April, the music ensembles had to stop their activities due to the pandemic.

Planned concerts such as the traditional open-air classic in summer and all trips, including the planned multi-week concert tour to Canada in autumn, had to be canceled at short notice.

“For a year now, the musicians have not been able to get together in large cast to make music”, regrets orchestra director Martin Fischer. But now they wanted to at least send a virtual sign of life from the Edertal School to the public: Using the instruments of all four ensembles, they produced a large video collage of the Edertal school hymn “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar, a piece that generations of Accompanied high school students from Frankenberg on the day of admission to grade 5 through to high school graduation. It showed: Even those who make music in the quiet little room at home are not alone!

136 ensemble members from orchestral classes, big bands, youth orchestras and youth symphony orchestras played their soundtracks from home for this unique collaborative effort and left the cameras on. The majority of musicians are currently trained at a distance anyway.

But bringing together so many individual services with technical, organizational and educational help was a difficult task for the music educators Gertrud Will, Torsten Herguth and Martin Fischer. After receiving the individual contributions, the video editing and sound mix were finally implemented by Jens Illemann and orchestra director Martin Fischer in such a way that the instrument groups and the image guidance matched synchronously and precisely.

The result was a great musical collective performance that alludes to Corona loneliness with pomp and splendor! The project was financially supported by friends and sponsors of the Edertal School in Frankenberg.


The video collage with 136 young musicians can be accessed permanently and publicly on the Youtube channel of the Edertalschule Frankenberg:

By Karl-Hermann Völker

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