Feb 9, 2021[email protected]

Iglesia, Martin de la; Wenzel, Michael, 2021, “Annotated digital edition of the travel and collection descriptions of Philipp Hainhofer (1578-1647)”, https://doi.org/10.11588/data/DVU14P, heiDATA, V2

This data set contains the research data on which the edition is based, i.e. above all the transcriptions and comments encoded in TEI / XML and the PDF, TXT and XHTML formats derived from them, as well as the registers in PDF and XHTML.

Jan 27, 2021[email protected]

Borg, Gregor; Pernicka, Ernst, 2021, “Appendix I & II to: Golden Times? – European gold deposits and their relation to the Nebra sky disk”, https://doi.org/10.11588/data/T5IK8Y, heiDATA, V1

The discovery of the Bronze Age sky disc of Nebra in 1990 and the subsequent interdisciplinary research group project 550 funded by the German Research Foundation raised, among other things, the question of the origin of the Goos applied to the sky disc …

Jan 27, 2021CryoEM

Kammerer, Jochen A .; Duan, Xiaoyang; Neubrech, Frank; Schröder, Rasmus R .; Liu, Na; Pfannmöller, Martin, 2021, “Stabilizing γ-MgH₂ at Nanotwins in Mechanically Constrained Nanoparticles [Research Data and Source Code]”, https://doi.org/10.11588/data/LMMXAI, heiDATA, V1

Research Data and Source Code associated with the related publication.

CryoEM(Heidelberg University – Centre for Advanced Materials)

Jan 27, 2021

Open Research Data from the CryoEM Group at the Centre for Advanced Materials of Heidelberg University.

Jan 20, 2021Empirical Linguistics and Computational Language Modeling (LiMo)

The German Titling Twitter Corpus consists of 1904 stance-annotated tweets collected in June/July 2018 mentioning 24 German politicians with a doctoral degree. The Addendum contains an additional 296 stance-annotated tweets from each month of 2018 mentioning 10 politicians with a…

Jan 13, 2021GIScience and 3D Spatial Data Processing

Anders, Katharina; Winiwarter, Lukas; Mara, Hubert; Lindenbergh, Roderik; Vos, Sander E.; Höfle, Bernhard, 2021, “Fully Automatic Spatiotemporal Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Time Series for the Extraction of Natural Surface Changes [Source Code, Validation Material and Validation Results]”, https://doi.org/10.11588/data/4HJHAA, heiDATA, V1

This dataset comprises the source code to perform fully automatic spatiotemporal segmentation in time series of topographic surface change data (Python scripts). Further provided is the validation material of the resulting extraction of 4D objects-by-change at the study site of a…

Jan 7, 2021Stoecklin_BCH_MI3

The supplied macro provides the opportunity to analyse large-scale image datasets, derived from image-based screening approaches. It can be used as a base for the segmentation of individual cells, referred as regions of interest (ROIs), and the detection and quantification of the…

Jan 5, 2021Auditory Cognition Laboratory

Gärtner, Kai; Gutschalk, Alexander, 2021, “Auditory cortex activity related to perceptual awareness versus masking of tone sequences [research data]”, https://doi.org/10.11588/data/Y8UEOY, heiDATA, V1

ABSTRACT: Sequences of repeating tones can be masked by other tones of different frequency. When these tone sequences are perceived, nevertheless, a prominent neural response in the auditory cortex is evoked by each tone of the sequence. When the targets are detected based on the…

Jan 5, 2021

Open Research Data from Auditory Cognition Laboratory at Heidelberg University Hospital.

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