How the Black Wings got themselves back into the game

The ICE Hockey League 2020/21 is entering its hot phase, the struggle for the three play-off tickets that are still open is merciless. The Steinbach Black Wings 1992, which were guests in Innsbruck yesterday when this edition went to press, have gained confidence in the past few weeks. With six wins in the last seven matches, the Linz team have blossomed from the bottom of the pack to a “player” in a promising position. That was also due to some changes in the squad. Josh Roach gave the defensive – coming from retirement – support and, as a sniper from the blue line, also animated the offensive, in which not everything stands and falls with the set of 1s (Lebler, Hytönen, Umicevic).

The Black Wings are now more stable and more difficult to calculate, thanks to coach Dan Ceman. His luckless predecessor, Pierre Beaulieu, did not have the opportunity to readjust on the transfer market. That should be mentioned in his defense.

Since Ceman has been in office, five new members have arrived: Roach, Zusevics, Yan, Meija and Karppinen. For an “old star” like Andrew Kozek there was suddenly no more space in the squad. The 34-year-old Canadian struck gold while looking for a new employer. From now on he storms for the German second division team Ravensburg.


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