How to teach your dog not to bark when the doorbell rings

Dogs bark. This is good to know before taking one home. It barks and it will bark, just as we speak. Sometimes, just like us, he barks out of turn.

A dog that barks too much can be very annoying. Especially if we are in the presence of guests. For example: how to teach our dog not to bark when the doorbell rings? It is a very widespread behavior, which can become habitual and difficult to reverse. Let’s see, below, a simple exercise that can help us stop him.

Why do dogs bark when the doorbell rings

There are a variety of reasons why dogs bark, as barking is his way of communicating. A dog barks to protect what it considers its own (its territory, its owner), but also because it feels lonely. He barks to say hello or while he is into play. To get our attention, or for fear of something. Finally, he barks in amazement.

The fact that a dog barks when guests ring our door is due to the link between the ringing of the bell and an exceptional event.

Dogs know that something is going to happen when the doorbell rings (someone new is about to walk in). They see us “agitated” and, consequently, they get agitated.

How to teach our friend not to bark

Having established this, what we have to do is to subtract the element of amazement from the sound of the door. To do this, we can use a simple exercise.

Let’s sit at the door of the house and ask someone to ring the bell. At the sound, we pretend nothing has happened, as if nothing has happened. We do not react in any way.

We wait for the dog to calm down completely before doing anything. In this way our dog will slowly desensitize to the sound of the bell. The results are not immediate, of course, but consistency pays off. We repeat this exercise several times a day and our dog will become more docile every day.

We have therefore seen how to teach our dog not to bark when the doorbell rings.


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