“I tried to forget but I have nightmares”

According to the child, the facts took place during the Easter holidays, in the south of France. It was on August 23, 2018 that she told her mother about it: “I tried to forget but I have nightmares, I can’t do it”. It is the same day that the mother files a complaint with the police. This eagerness can be explained by a legitimate maternal interest. But according to the defense, it can also be explained by the open conflict between the parents of little Louna since their separation …

The little one brought up some nasty facts. One evening, she went to the café with her “grandpa” in the village where they were staying. Coming home, he would have kissed her breasts before offering to touch her cock …

► “My client does not present the slightest trace of sexual deviance”: Alain’s lawyer pleads for acquittal

► Find here the statements of the various lawyers and the opinion of the prosecution


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