In Novosibirsk, a flayer used a dog as a live target

In Novosibirsk, an unknown person shot a dog. As the public animal protection organization “KotoPes” reported on social networks, the bloody animal was found by local residents near a house on Stasov Street.

“This is a dog. After an examination at the clinic, it turned out that his whole body was stuffed with bullets with different timing of hits. Old gunshot fracture of the lower jaw. Old gunshot rupture of the cruciate ligaments. Multiple bullets in soft tissues, ”said the animal rights activists.

Luckily for the dog, vital organs were not affected. However, the dog lost a lot of blood. Currently, she is being cared for by the staff of the veterinary clinic.

Volunteers are asking for help in finding a flayer: if you have any information, you can report it by calling the phone listed on the link.


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