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Reporter Dai Yuxiang / Taipei Report

Taiwan stocks opened a red market yesterday (17)! Under the leading sprint of TSMC and UMC, the index rose by more than 600 points during the intraday session, and the index reached a maximum of 16,406 points, a record high! The final trade rose 559.89 points, or 3.54%, to close at 16,362.29 points. Liu Liangmei, an analyst at Ever Shing International Investment Consulting, said that not only TSMC and UMC are running wild, but there are also three other stocks that can be called “bright lights” in the year of the Ox!

▲Taiwan stocks rose 559.89 points, or 3.54%, to close at 16,362.29 points in the final trading on the 17th. (Photo by reporter Dai Yuxiang)

Liu Liangmei said that it was previously predicted that the market range would fall between 15429 points, a high of 2/1, and 16041, a high of 1/15, which was realized on the closing day. The performance of the market yesterday was as expected before the closure, and it was a “crazy bull”, but this only reflects the rising trend of the international stock market during the closure. The key lies in the performance after the opening of the red market.

Yesterday, Taiwan stocks actually broke through the 1/21 high of 16,238 points shortly after the opening, so if there are no other drastic factors in the world, the overall market is still in a multilateral situation, so under the long structure, temporarily No high point is preset. Today (18), if the correction is pushed back, as long as it does not fall below the 1/21 high of 16,238 points, it will still be a long market.

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▲Liu Liangmei said that if the correction is pushed back today (18), as long as it does not fall below the 1/21 high of 16238 points, it will still be a long market. (Picture/Retrieved from 94 “Queen of the Stock Market”)

“Wafer duo” TSMC and UMC also benefited from the chip shortage and successfully opened a red market yesterday. After TSMC (2330) surged by 4.91%, the current moving averages are arranged in multiple directions. If investors who hold TSMC in their hands are advised to continue holding, However, it is not recommended for investors to chase high. If investors want to enter the market, they can wait for the 2/5 gap to close to 638 yuan before considering taking it.

UMC (2303) surged 8.88% yesterday. The current moving average is also in a long position. Its price is lower. Therefore, the upward momentum is more fierce than TSMC, because there may be smaller capital intervention, but the current multi-party structure remains unchanged. Yesterday, UMC set a record high for closing. If investors who hold UMC in their hands suggest to continue holding, investors who are willing to enter the market also recommend setting a defensive point. The low point of 56.1 yuan of 2/17 can be used as the defensive price.

But Liu Liangmei said that when everyone was rushing for TSMC and UMC, they might have overlooked the three “bright lights” of the Year of the Ox, and they are closely related to TSMC and UMC, and that is their upstream “silicon wafer” group.

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According to the International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI) announced that its Silicon Product Manufacturers Organization (SMG) released a year-end analysis report on the silicon wafer industry, in 2020, despite the impact of the epidemic and the impact of the US-China trade war, global silicon wafer shipments are increasing. It grew by about 5% against the trend, close to a record high. In addition, the global semiconductor production capacity will be tight in 2021, but Taiwan’s silicon wafer industry has not expanded its production capacity. The demand from downstream companies such as TSMC is increasing, and the use of automotive electronics and power ICs increases, which may lead to “supply in short supply” in the future. The situation led to a wave of price increases.

●Global Crystal (6488)

Among them, the 2021 silicon wafer contract price of Global Crystal, a major silicon wafer manufacturer, will increase quarter by quarter, with an annual increase of about 10%. This also allows Global Crystal to light up the daily limit yesterday and smoothly break through the averages. It is expected that there will be another A wave of gains.

●Taishengke (3532)

Tai Shengke also lit up the daily limit yesterday, breaking through the moving averages, and the future is optimistic.

● Kaaki (3016)

Although Jiajing did not break through the moving averages, the bottom has been built above the annual line. If the stock price can successfully break through the quarterly line, it is expected to challenge the monthly line.

▼[94 to make money in the stock market Q queen]Happy “bull” year|20210217|Analyst Liu Liangmei (video from YouTube-SETN, Sanli News Network, please forgive me if it is removed)

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