1. Fried three-color rice cake

Ingredients: taro, sweet potato, rice cake, flour, rice flour, salt, water, cooking oil


1. Cut the sweet potato into the desired size and shape, steam it (so that it will fry faster), and set aside.

2. Cut the taro into the desired size and shape, steam it (so that it will be cooked faster), set aside.

3. Cut the rice cake into the desired size and shape.

4. Make the batter: flour, rice flour and appropriate amount of salt, then slowly add water to make the desired consistency (too thick, the dough will be thick, not crisp enough; too thin, the batter will not be able to wrap rice cakes, taro and sweet potatoes , The oil will spray when fried).

5. Sandwich a piece of rice cake between a piece of steamed taro and sweet potato, and then dip the whole into batter.

6. After the pan is heated, put the oil, wait for the oil to heat up, put in the rice cake with batter, deep-fry the batter into golden brown on medium-high heat and pick it up (the taro and sweet potato are steamed, and the rice cake is also soft quickly, so Do not fry slowly).

7. Put the fried rice cakes on absorbent paper to absorb the excess oil, and then serve.

2. Three-color rice cake rolls