LPGA Tour Saxstrom “Sexual harassment at the age of 7, hidden for 16 years”

Saxstrom looks at the green.


(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kwon Hoon = Madelene Saxstrom (Sweden), who plays in the LPGA Tour, has confessed that he has been hiding the sexual harassment that he had as a child for 16 years.

In a contribution posted on the LPGA Tour homepage on the 22nd (Korean time) on the 22nd, Saxstrom revealed the painful past when he went to a neighbor’s house when he was seven years old and was molested by the landlord.

The perpetrator wasn’t a relative of Saxstrom, but he was a very close adult.

Saxstrom buried in his heart the terrible things that had happened and did not tell anyone.

Saxstrom was comforted by golf. I was happy if I was good at golf. I was able to forget the pain buried in my heart.

But the terrible memories haunted Saxstrom from within.

Saxstrom wrote, “I thought I was useless. I couldn’t even put lotion on my legs. I hated my body. Because of what someone did to me…”

Saxstrom, who joined the LPGA Symmetra Tour in 2016, was unable to control his emotions during the game.

His mentor Robert Karlsson, who played on the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour, asked why, and Saxstrom told Karlsson about a terrible incident that took place 16 years ago.

Saxstrom cried as he talked about what he hid from Karlsson in the hotel room at the time.

“I couldn’t believe that I had been dealt with by someone I trusted. For 16 years I rebuked myself, hated myself, and despised my body. It destroyed my heart. I always had nightmares and struggled to get out.” I revealed the days I was having.

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After revealing a 16-year-old secret, Saxstrom was able to escape from his inner pain.

My mind was relaxed and it was easier to touch my own skin. During the game, I became much less nervous, and even when the game was terrible, I stopped getting nervous.

Brightened Saxstrom made his debut on the 2017 LPGA Tour with three wins on the Symmetra Tour that year. He won his first LPGA Tour title at Gainbridge last year.

He recalled that the opening of a new life was the opening of the painful memories he had hidden.

“It took me some time to get my voice back and share my experiences,” Saxstrom concluded. “If sharing what I’ve been through helps others, it’s worth it.”

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