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[Epoch Times News on January 10, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen reported) After bidding farewell to 2020 and flying to 2021, there was a five-day break on May Day. The concert of “I want to see you well” continues from the 8th. It will be held at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium for 3 days. These are the 3 concerts that were originally scheduled to be postponed on the 25th, 26th, and 27th last year due to the epidemic.

In order to make up for the fans, Mayday regarded the concert on January 9th as the “first” concert of “I want to see you.” (I believe the music provided)

The performance on the 9th was the postponed performance on the 26th of last month. The 26th was originally the first performance of the concert. Later, after the five games in Taoyuan were sold out instantly, the extra performance on the 25th became the second performance. Due to the postponement, it became the second performance. Five games, so at the beginning, Ashin promised his fans that it would make the night special.

Of course, Mayday also prepared a number of surprises for the fans in this “first” concert, adding more to sing “Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao”, Ashin IG and Believe Facebook’s surprise live broadcast attracted 42,000 people and 25,000 fans on the spot. Participate in the “first” concert of the “Want to See You” concert together.

In order to make up for the fans, Mayday regards the concert as the “first” of the “I want to see you” concert. (I believe the music provided)

After the “King of Singer” friend Jay Chou served as a guest, the concert on the 9th invited the new generation of eggplant orchestra. There is something in the Mayday talk. I laughed that this time I invited the eggplant and egg chorus to sing “I LOVE YOU Hopeless”, which can be “mixed”. Good taste.

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Eggplant Eggs entered Mayday’s performance at the 11th Super Sharp Party last year. The cooperation between the two groups sparked a new spark. Mayday was quite curious about the name of Eggplant Eggs. Lead singer A Bin explained that eggplant is something that some people like and some people don’t like. This sense of symmetry was named Eggplant Egg, so Ashin changed the name to “Durian Milk” for Mayday based on this principle. This is also the second collaboration between the two groups following the super sharp party.

Ashin also took the opportunity to test whether the eggplant egg can sing the song of Mayday, and said with a smile: “If you can’t sing well, the eggplant egg will be changed to durian milk today. Next time I have the opportunity to sing the song of eggplant egg together. Also changed the group name.” This move made Eggplant Dan feel happy, because “you can apply for the Golden Melody Newcomer Award”, but in fact, Eggplant Dan is very familiar with Mayday’s song.

Then the two groups sang “Mai Lai Luan” together, setting off another wave of climax for the concert.

The three postponed events were met by a cold current, and the body temperature was 4 degrees. Ashin said: “It’s cold! Are we holding a concert in Yushan?” The wet and cold weather also made Mayday want to turn into an action heater. Fans, Shitou said warmly: “Everyone has been waiting! I have waited for many days! When the weather becomes cold, it seems to be very cold. Thank you for coming. In fact, I really want to stand among you now.”

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The enthusiastic screams of the fans also made Guanyou feel warm, “You all should shout loudly, I hope your voices make us a little warmer”, while singing “Good,” Asin IG’s first surprise live broadcast that night attracted 26,000. People are online.

The concert was postponed due to the epidemic. In order to make up for the fans, Mayday even offered multiple Easter eggs. (I believe the music provided)

In addition, Mr. Moose, who released his new album “Love Animals” last year, served as the opening guest that night, bringing a series of songs such as “Waste”, “Love Animals”, and “loVSer”. The first two songs were the drama “Big The ending song of “Debt Times” and the episode of “Skywatcher”, Mr. Moose also composed the theme song of the play at the same time, which shows that his work is close to life and the melody is also deeply memorable. It has become a new generation of drama OST Queen Orchestra.

Mr. Moose served as the opening guest of the concert on January 9. (I believe the music provided)

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