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Mayday concert announced postponed due to the epidemic: I hope the world will get better and better

On January 27, according to Taiwan media reports, the epidemic is heating up. Mayday “I want to see you Mayday Fly to 2021 Concert Taichung” was originally scheduled to be held in Taichung for five performances starting on 2/17. Today, the postponement is announced and the refund method will be announced. Affiliation Believe Music said: “Although it’s a little late, it can make each other feel more at ease. Let’s fight the epidemic together. Let’s work hard together. When we make an appointment, we will be late. I hope the world will get better and better. I look forward to that day. I look forward to seeing you again, hello, and we are okay.”

Mayday’s new tour was originally scheduled to start in Taoyuan last Christmas. Affected by the epidemic, Taoyuan Stadium had three postponed performances. It was originally scheduled to be moved to Taoyuan in February. Unexpectedly, the epidemic will resume. Mayday still considers the safety and health of fans as the first consideration, and once again announced the extension of Taichung Stadium. Believe that Music stated on Facebook: “For fans and friends who really want to see the Mayday concert, we are really sorry for all the inconvenience caused by the postponement and follow-up. Your peace and health, and seeing you well It’s our most important event.”

Mayday “I want to see you Mayday Fly to 2021 Taichung Concert”, originally 2021/02/17-changed to 2021/12/04, original 2021/02/18-changed to 2021/12/05, original 2021/02 /20-changed to 2021/12/11, the original 2021/02/21, the original 2021/02/22-changed to 2021/12/10.

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Actually, Mayday’s singing this time was greatly affected by the epidemic. The first three concerts in Taoyuan at the end of last year were postponed for two weeks. The cost was 50 million yuan, and the ticket sales for the Tainan concert were also postponed. , The current midfielder in Taipa directly announced an extension of 10 months.


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