Meat producer The Family Butchers increases quality standards – Support from Preußisch Oldendorf: animal welfare and regionality are in demand – Versmold

Because there, more precisely on the farm of the farmer Torsten Lange, a press conference took place on Tuesday, in which – to experience live in the stream – it was explained what the project “Heartfelt 2.0” is all about. Hans-Ewald Reinert summarized the two most important points as follows: “Cooperation with partners from the region and more animal welfare through open stalls.”

Seven farmers from North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, including Torsten Lange, work for the Reinert company, which has founded a “pleasure cooperative” especially for this purpose. It guarantees that you can lose the entire pig, at a price that is around 50 percent higher than usual. “That gives the farmers more security,” emphasized Reinert. The program is initially planned for three years. Of course, the products that come on the market are also a bit more expensive, “but quality has its price,” and this is becoming more and more popular with consumers, as studies have shown.

Animal welfare is moving more and more to the fore in the public discussion, explained Reinert. That is why one propagates the open stable attitude, which offers many advantages. This is a concept that Torsten Lange fully supports. He is a trained agricultural business administrator and fourth generation farmer. Around 1,100 pigs regularly cavort on his farm.

He started rethinking animal husbandry in 2015, explained Lange during the press conference: “I was dissatisfied with the limited possibilities and my own knowledge.” Only gradually did he understand how important it is to intensify himself to take care of the animals and their behavior, and that it is quite possible to put antibiotic-free rearing into practice. However, Hans-Ewald Reinert had to mention one small caveat: “When animals actually get sick, antibiotics are sometimes unavoidable. But less than ten percent are affected. ”These pigs would then be conventionally marketed in other ways. Slaughter is also organized from a regional perspective. It happens at the Brand company in Lohne, a family business in the Vechta district. Reinert emphasized that no animal was on its way to the slaughterhouse for more than four hours.

There are currently eight products in the “Herzenssache” range, from boiled ham to bratwurst, but the number is set to increase significantly over time. Reinert emphasized that they wanted to come to the food retail trade nationwide in Germany, in many places this has already happened, even if not always with the full range. When asked, Hans-Ewald Reinert said that the organic seal was not being sought: “A matter of the heart is your own brand with its own parameters.”

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