Military personnel and cadets will be able to visit the Victory Museum free of charge on February 23 – Society

MOSCOW, February 23. / TASS /. Servicemen, law enforcement officers, as well as cadets of military educational institutions and cadets will be able to visit the Victory Museum free of charge on February 23 in honor of the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

“During the day for the current and future defenders of the Fatherland – free admission to the main building of the museum, to the sites of military equipment, as well as to the exhibition” Engines of War “that opens on this day. To do this, you will need to present the appropriate certificate,” the press told service of the museum.

The museum has also prepared a festive program, which all visitors can join. A free excursion, competition and game program, concerts and thematic exhibitions await guests. Thus, two music programs are planned in the main building. The Hall of Generals will host the “Serve Russia” concert as part of the “Victory Cranes” festival. Fans of the art song are welcome in the Konev cinema, where members of the Wind of Victory club will perform war songs.

Young visitors and their dads will have a competitive game program “Great maneuvers”. “The teams will have to complete difficult tasks – to cross the” bridge “and try not to fall off it, draw military equipment, demonstrate sports training and ingenuity, assemble and disassemble the rifle at speed,” the press service says.

On this day, visitors are invited to join a free tour of the “Engines of War” exhibition, during which they will get acquainted with a unique collection of rare cars from the Second World War. Museum guests will also see the rarities found by the search engines. At the one-day exhibition, the Trizna search association will show relics found at the battlefield in the Moscow, Smolensk and Tver regions.

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