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Suzy from miss A, who is about to make a fan concert to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his debut, showed off a variety of concept photos that incorporate a goddess-like beauty.

Kakao M foretold her infinite charm through concept photos of various atmospheres such as cool, lovely, and cute, ahead of Suzy’s 10th anniversary fan concert “Suzy: A Tempo” to be held at 7 pm on the 23rd of this month. From the relaxed appearance of seeing the everyday life of a streak to the appearance of a stylish artist, rich charm was incorporated.

In a room lit by bright sunlight, Suji can lie down on a fluffy bed, enjoy a sweet break, write a sentence while thinking about something, read a book, concentrate on playing the guitar, and so on. In the scene, she constantly shows her beauty like a goddess and gathers her eyes. He makes various facial expressions such as a happy expression that seems to be completely absorbed in music, a refreshing smile in the green, and a playful smile, showing off various charms.

It’s hard to tell whether it’s a gravure or a scene from a music video, and for those who see her beauty without any flaws, the real admiration of “streaks” naturally appears. In addition, the image of incorporating the appearance as an artist on a smartphone was also released, which stimulated curiosity. Expectations are also rising for the online fan concert “Suzy: A Tempo,” which incorporates the various charms of nearby streaks that you can get close to in your hands through kakaoTV.

“Suzy: A Tempo” was prepared to respond to the love of the fans sent for 10 years, and Suzy announced the 10th anniversary talk and song, performance as well as the lyrics and composition of the new song, and with the fans. Preparing for a special encounter.

“A Tempo” means “original speed” and means to return the speed that temporarily changed in the middle of the song to the original tempo. After making his debut, he looks back on the time he has been busy running so far, and incorporates the meaning of being together with the current line without being shaken by any change in speed from now on.

Suzy: A Tempo, a fan concert commemorating the 10th anniversary of Suzy’s debut, is planned and organized by kakao M’s Music Content Production Bureau, which has planned and produced various music contents from super-large-scale year-end awards ceremonies to live comeback shows such as MMA. He is in charge of directing and plans to draw the figure of “Artist Suzy” on the stage.

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This fan concert will be released exclusively live on kakaoTV at 7:00 pm on the 23rd. Overseas, it will be broadcast live through the official YouTube channel of “1 the K Originals” of the representative global K-POP media “1 the K”, which has 26 million subscribers worldwide.

Original article delivery date: January 15, 2021 11:14
Reporter: Hwang Hejin


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