Morat: feel the joy of a live concert again

The Colombian group launched “Lost bullets tour in Madrid”, a video that records the concert with which they ended the tour in December 2019. After a year in which everything stopped and they faced the coronavirus, they are ready to continue making music in company of his followers.

On December 15, 2019, Morat was in the prime of his career. At least this is what Juan Pablo Isaza assures during the conversation in which he promotes the concert Lost Bullets in Madrid, which since Friday, March 26, is available on Amazon Prime Video.

“It was all very boisterous, very boisterous. Bad or good, we come from a year in which the fumes were lowered a lot and my perception (about the concert) was that of being in the best moment of my career, ”he emphasizes.

It is not for less. That night in Madrid (Spain) the Colombian group closed the tour of their second album (Lost bullets) before 150,000 souls who sang, jumped, laughed and cried on the WiZink Center stage.

The show —which lasted almost two hours and featured the participation of Aitana, Cali and Dandee, Antonio José and Cami— was recorded live.

At that time, the musicians say, they did not know how they were going to launch or project it, but they wanted to capture that special moment for posterity and thus build the memory of the work that is almost a decade old.

“Seeing the concert and the recording only makes us think that we already want the moment to come to be able to feel like this again,” says Isaza, the band’s vocalist.

For Martín Vargas, Morat: Lost bullets tour in Madrid It reflects how dedicated they were to the tour, to close it with an unforgettable show and to the fans, who filled the Madrid venue and chanted each of the sung songs.

“Something of which we are aware and that we really value very much is the fidelity of our fans and of those who listen to our music, because when we do concerts that is reflected… people go, people jump, people sing ”, comments the drummer.

The pandemic, of course, changed Morat’s life, not only because they faced the coronavirus directly, but because they had to adopt new measures to make music and interact with the followers. Although none of the members is over thirty years old, they were not frequent users of social networks, but the confinement forced them to be more present in the digital world so as not to lose everything they had harvested.

That work “opened our heads, when we realized how incredible it is and how much can be done”, argues Simón Vargas, who adds that in the last year “the fans They made a music video with us and a few days ago we did a dynamic so that they could choose which song should come out ”.

That Morat: Stray Bullets Tour in Madrid is available on Amazon Prime Video fills them with pride because, in Isaza’s words, it is a dream come true.

“Everything that happens in our lives we always dream about, but it is happening to us very soon,” says the musician.

Success has always been an ally of Morat, a group that began to play in Bogota bars until it was signed by Universal Music Spain. There, life changed for them, but the truth is that with each goal they achieve something changes: they are one of the few groups that fill stages and now they join the list of young artists who have their audiovisuals.

So that fame does not lift their feet off the ground, as Simón says, they know that it is essential to respect the friendship that has united them since they were five years old. Martín supports him and maintains that the fact that the four of them are always there allows a healthy relationship that fosters the unconditional support and the necessary tranquility to assume the achievements and happiness.

On the other hand, Juan Pablo Villamil adds that they have made an effort to maintain, as far as possible, the company of friends and family, and to be far from luxuries and excesses.

“Obviously something has changed, it is inevitable, but we have managed to maintain a normal life vs. the work we do, ”says Isaza.

Everyone agrees that when they formed Morat they wanted to make music and that this objective is still valid, so they continue to get excited when they buy cables or change the strings on guitars.

“The rest is a spectacular addition, but that is not the reason, and that allows one to be much more grounded,” says Simón Vargas.

Now that they relive what they felt a year and a half ago, they do not doubt that they want to remain focused on the musical project.

When asked about the future, they respond that they do not have clear goals beyond staying together, the four of them, because an important part of enjoying work is living in the present and leaving room for uncertainty.

However, they announce that they recently arrived from Los Angeles (United States), where they made a long recording session that, basically, will be another album. There the change that the pandemic and life itself shapes in the members of Morat will be reflected, who are eager to continue drawing their line of evolution.


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