Bach’s Violin Concerto Integral, with Olivier Charlier

Olivier Charlier Olivier Charlier, who will be accompanied by another violin, that of Sebastià Pou, has many international competitions and has conquered music greats, such as Yehudi Menuhin The Henryk Szeryng, who offered him a scholarship. His discography is dedicated to composers such as Beethoven, Boulanger, Dutilleux, Gabriel Fauré and César Franck, among many others. … Read more

Continuous IT education for children will be introduced in the Belgorod region

First Vice Governor Evgeny Miroshnikov at an operational meeting of the government on March 1, he said that in the region in the near future they will retrain digital competencies at least 10 thousand Belgorod residents… Also, in the coming years, they plan to retrain the entire working population of the region. In 2021, according … Read more

Animals – Wrap up and feed abandoned squirrel babies – company

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Squirrels live in the nest, the so-called Kobel. These nests can be destroyed by tree work, storms or birds. Then all of a sudden a squirrel baby can sit abandoned on the ground in the garden or while taking a walk. Aktion Tier explains how you can help. If the … Read more

Ariège: a Sharpei found drowned in a swimming pool 3 weeks after his disappearance, his owner files a complaint

the essential In Ariège, Anne-Laure wonders about the mysterious death of her dog Loulou, found unconscious in the swimming pool of neighbors and friends, three weeks after the disappearance of the Sharpei. She decided to lodge a complaint with the Mirepoix gendarmerie and appeal for witnesses. Anne-Laure, the owner of Loulou, a magnificent Sharpei in … Read more

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