Fifty girls and boys for the “Chiesone” project – Chronicle

Fifty girls and boys from the city participate in the construction of the project for the youth space in San Concordio: among the priorities identified, spaces for theater, music, events, concerts, film screening, but also for informal aggregation, for shared work, art exhibitions, training, study and reading and sport. These are the proposals and needs … Read more

Students of Moscow colleges told what profession they choose

In 51 colleges of the capital and one university, subordinated to the Department of Education and Science of the capital, 92.4 thousand students study. More than 35 thousand of them are girls. What professions modern Muscovites choose and why, the RG correspondent found out after talking with representatives of popular professions. As the press service … Read more

Drugs in the apartment: Police arrest Cologne (44)

Cologne – He probably didn’t expect this surprise. A 44-year-old man was arrested on Saturday evening (March 6th) while walking around for a walk. During his walk, the police searched his apartment in Cologne-Höhenhaus and made an explosive find. Köln-Höhenhaus: Apartment searched for evidence of witnesses Kilos of drugs were found 44-year-old arrested with dog … Read more

Tandoori chicken | Weekend recipes

5 days refrigerated / 1 month frozen Today, I would like to introduce a recipe for tandoori chicken. If you soak it on the weekend, you can complete it by just baking it anytime on weekdays, and if you buy chicken and soak it on a special price day on weekdays, you can have a … Read more

Peacekeepers Music Online Concerts

To thank those who devote themselves on a daily basis in this difficult context, the Music of the Guardians of the Peace wished to dedicate its musical programming to them by putting online concerts, images or films dedicated to its activity online every day. Making its contribution to the efforts of all, the Music of … Read more

Reorganization of the Neftenbach school – Sovereign speaks out in favor of an education management

The new municipal code is clearly accepted. The Neftenbach school will thus receive an education manager for the new school year. Dagmar Appelt Posted today at 2:30 p.m. The Neftenbach school receives an education management. Photo: Madeleine Schoder The partial revision of the municipal code of Neftenbach was clearly accepted by the Neftenbach voters at … Read more

Recipe Meat and potato pies: delicious

Ingredients for 4 people The meat and potato pies they are a great idea if you are planning a picnic or a trip to door flowers. These are bundles of pizza dough filled with frayed pork shoulder and boiled potatoes; a very simple recipe, but versatile and easy to eat. The meat is cooked in … Read more