The 6 activities affected by virtual education | Business

The suspension of face-to-face classes in the country’s schools, a measure that these days is being replicated by several cities in the face of the increase in infections due to covid-19, is a cause for concern not only among those who work in the sector, but also in business associated with classroom education. “We have … Read more

The Science Behind The Three Ultimate Tools To Fall Asleep Quickly

The question is simpler than it sounds: How did you sleep last night? I mean exactly the moment when you went from waking to sleep or, if you prefer, to the moments before, what happened? how did you get it? What did you feel at that moment? It is still curious that, even though we sleep every day, “falling asleep” is such an unknown process.

And not only by ordinary citizens, but by scientists themselves. In the last decade, the technological leap in neuroimaging tools has brought us much closer to what happens at that enigmatic moment in which we plunge into the domains of Morpheus.

And yet the web is still full of “quick sleep” “solutions” that are closer to magical rituals and superstitions than anything resembling a scientifically consistent, behavioral technique. What does science tell us about all this?

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A recipe against apathy and isolation, the bishop of Mantua: “Rediscover the house and the neighborhood”

MANTOVA. Coincides with the occurrence of Sant’Antoni Chisolèr the visit of the Bishop of Mantua to Sant’Antonio di Porto Mantovano, even if the parish is dedicated to the other Sant’Antonio that of Padua. Not the traditional blessing of animals depicted with the pig, but the patron saint of the poor, oppressed, castaways. The outcasts that … Read more

Google rewards IPN scientists for a project that detects hateful and abusive language on the internet and social networks

For having developed a project to detect abusive languages ​​and hate speech on the internet and social networks, Professor Alexander Gelbukh and the doctoral student, According to Taofeek Aroyejum, from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), were awarded for Google with the Research Prize for Latin America 2020. Through a statement, the IPN indicated that this … Read more

Prosecutor denounces assault on Capitol as Trump’s ‘crime’

The legislator who will lead the second trial against President Donald Trump on Sunday called Trump’s incitement to storm the Capitol as “the worst crime ever committed” by a US president. Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin did not specify when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will send the indictment to the Senate, but said “it will most … Read more

Merkelism is not dead

This weekend’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Congress was supposed to draw the first contours of the post-Merkel era. The German Chancellor is leaving power after the legislative elections this autumn. Yet Angela Merkel, who remains very popular across the Rhine, has once again shown her ability to maneuver and the way in which she has … Read more

Open, despite everything – Bologna Agenda Cultura

The Municipal Theater of Bologna adheres to the “Open, despite everything” initiative launched by ANFOLS, the Association that brings together the 12 Italian Opera-Symphonic Foundations, to deal with the suspension of activities open to the public following the Prime Minister’s Decree of 24 October. The Bolognese proposal is divided into six unpublished concerts, made with … Read more

Cosmopolitan and connected to home – Mannheim tomorrow

You can tell that he is present at an event in the parking lot when you see his bright blue, long-known van. And it is in many places. Many are wondering how he manages to manage his craft business and the Schriesheim Association of Self-Employed (BdS) with such dedication and also to be present in … Read more