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Hiroyuki Kurokawa / Writer (c) Asahi Shimbun

* The photo is an image (Getty Images)

* The photo is an image (Getty Images)

A serialization of the Naoki Prize-winning author Hiroyuki Kurokawa, who is known for his gambling enthusiasts. This time, about “house animals”.

[Click here for a photo of a cockatiel]

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A small bird with a blue head and back (a beautiful ultramarine blue) and a red belly (a brick color) was feeding in a basin hung from a plum tree in the garden. When a sparrow approaches, it threatens to drive it away, and even if a turtledove comes, there is no need to worry. Is it about the size of a bulbul? What is it? I don’t know what it is because it’s the first bird I see.

I googled “Japanese Wild Birds” and found it to be a blue rock thrush. According to Wikipedia, “A type of bird that belongs to the Passerine Flycatcher family. It is a bird that is widely distributed in Africa and the Eurasian Continent, and as the Japanese name suggests, it inhabits many coasts and rocky areas. It has come to be confirmed, and it is not uncommon to see it in metropolitan areas. “

Well, this is nice ──. The birds that come to our garden are warblers, white-eyes, great tit, starlings, bulbuls, sparrows, and starlings, but there is one more bird (although aosagi has come, I have come to jump into the pond and attack the goldfish. It’s really unpleasant to see a guy who’s nearly two meters wide when he spreads his wings. Cats also come and catch goldfish, so now the pond is covered with a wire net).

For that matter, there were times when I was feeding raccoon dogs, striped snakes aiming at frogs in the pond, and rat snakes aiming at turtle dove eggs. Paper wasps and paper wasps also built nests. I was happy when the swallows started to build a nest under the eaves of the entrance, but I was disappointed that I stopped building the nest on the way, probably because I noticed the crows.

Wagtails are often found on the streets near us. Even though it’s small, it runs very fast. I don’t feel afraid of people, but when I get closer, I run away. Do not run away, but take a certain amount of time. If you look at the images on the net, it’s probably a black-backed wagtail.

Recently, a pair of starlings are coming in and out of the air conditioner hole in the kitchen. It’s time to lay and warm the eggs. Every year, I’m glad that the chicks leave the nest safely. The starling’s nest seems to have ticks, but the holes are closed from the kitchen side, so there is no harm.


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