“Ratonero” birthday message from Federico Hoppe to Macarena Rinaldi: “My bunny”

On special dates, both Federico Hoppe What Macarena rinaldi tender postcards are dedicated along with loving words through social networks; They are always very affectionate, cuddly and do they awaken “mice” in their followers?

Happy for Maca’s 34 years, Fede shared two tender photos in which they are seen fully enjoying a paradisiacal beach, drinking mate; also embraced and very smiling with a starry sky in the background.

Along with the postcards, the producer dedicated a “buzzard” message to his partner and revealed how he tells her in privacy.

“Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for being the woman you are and for always transmitting the peace and joy with which you live life … Because it makes you a very special woman. Happy new year, my bunny,” he wrote with loving emojis.



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