Senior woman from Timmendorf gives hope in times of corona

It’s the little moments that do Heidi Döring to delight the heart in these times. A crow that meticulously collects the draped walnuts in the garden and burying them in the adjacent slope. A squirrel hopping through the garden. A tit chirping happily in the apple tree. With her 84 years she has Heidi Döring out Timmendorfer beach it especially in times of Corona-Pandemie not easy. But instead of complaining, the elderly woman wants to encourage others. She has now written a moving poem about this.

“The emotions just have to go out”

“The idea came to me in the middle of the night,” she says. “So I got up and wrote it down. These are just emotions that have to be released ”. The text that was written that night also tells a little about her story. About missing meetings with friends, the time that “sneaks through the room from the armchair”. From days full of pain Heidi Döring it can only withstand strong tablets.

Heidi Döring appeals to reason

But the poem is also an encouragement. Because it quickly becomes clear: Heidi Döring would probably have several reasons to complain. But she doesn’t. “Because I’m happy, despite everything,” she says. With her positive manner and gratitude towards life, she is a role model for many. This is also confirmed by her friends, to whom she sent her poem. “I’ve already received a lot of feedback on my text. Many have said that I speak from my soul, ”she says.

In her poem, however, she also appeals to all those who are currently not following the rules. Heidi Döring warns that the pandemic can only be achieved with renunciation and discipline. “Who can’t stand to go without a party. Anyone who thinks their freedom has been curtailed has never really suffered, “it says, for example. The 84-year-old, on the other hand, knows what it is like to have nothing to eat. What it’s like when war is omnipresent.

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Grateful for the daily newspaper

“I am pragmatic. If something can be changed, I would be there right away. But what you can’t change, you have to persevere. ”She doesn’t like complaining. “We have enough to eat and a roof over our heads. You can be happy when you have a home that you can stay in, ”she says. The Timmendorferin is happy about the smell of freshly baked bread, about the Lübeck news that a delivery person brings her in the middle of the night, about a phone call or a message from her six grandchildren, with whom she has a close relationship.

In their cozy little house in Timmendorfer beach she lives with her fairy godmother “Ella”. The skilled Polish woman helps Heidi Döring for four years now in coping with everyday life. “Without her I would be lost, she is my great support,” says the 84-year-old. The elderly woman likes to cook with her. “We recently fried pikeperch fillet and made risi-bisi and spinach with it. Then we brought a portion to our neighbor. “

A herring meal with Günter Grass

Making food happy is a nice sign, especially in times of the Corona. Even if Heidi Döring would rather invite everyone to come to her. Just like before Günter Grass. “That was after a reading, so I thought he needs something tasty to eat, too,” she said Döring. “And afterwards I fried herring for us.” She has many fond memories. At times when high-ranking artists came and went in their house. On happy evenings in the garden, on trips and family celebrations.

Heidi Döring receives support from Ella Potocka, who helps her cope with everyday life.
Source: Lutz Roeßler

Meanwhile falls Heidi Döring difficult to walk, she spends most of her time in a wheelchair. But she never gives up. “I run a few laps on my terrace every day. And every evening I go to the front door and do a few minutes of gymnastics, ”she says.

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That at the age of 84 she even used a modern term like “Poetry-Slam“Is not unusual for the elderly woman. Even if she doesn’t like her poem as at Poetry-Slams actually common to be presented on a stage, but instead send it to friends and the LN lectures in the video. “You always have to keep your finger on the pulse,” she says. Communicating with poems, texts and words is the great strength of the trained bookseller.

The poem by Heidi Döring

Time sneaks, from the armchair through the room, out into the garden. The same program every day. The Virus, Called Corona, silences everything, everything that is popular and known. Concert, theater and slowly and quietly, also meeting with friends. Shopping at a distance, mask and trolley as space in between. You don’t recognize familiar people, the mask hides your face. And when you go home, everything looks exactly like the day before. Time creeps from the armchair, across the room, into the garden. The same program every day.

So I could go on complaining, all these days. But it’s enough that I’m in pain and take morphine and move in a wheelchair. So I decided without further ado not to complain during these days, but to sing about good things: I am happy because I am looked after around the clock by my Polish, loving nurse. From my own house look out over my garden. The blue tit, greenfinch and bullfinch sit in the apple tree by the bird feeder. And it’s very simple, it’s the little joys, the things that make these days brighter. For example, you have a lot more time to read. I am also grateful that the newspaper is in front of my door in the morning. A person brought me the latest of the day in the dark of night.

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The Lübeck News I’ve been reading for 56 years. And they too are helpers these days. Information is provided and the rules explained during this pandemic. And it is everyone’s duty to abide by it. To protect yourself and others. And for those who find it too much to wear a mask or to wash their hands, or who cannot stand to go without a party, who thinks that their freedom has been curtailed, has never really suffered. I don’t want to talk about war and hunger and flight, unfortunately I had to go through it. Let yourself be given a mask to relieve the hospitals. Let’s be patient until the vaccination works. I don’t have an appointment yet, well that’s just dragging on. I wish everyone health and human closeness, despite the distance. I mean something like putting bread in front of the door, homemade with a lot of love. Baking, also a good activity in the monotonous times.

And so it really hits the nerve of the time. Because poetry slam texts cause a stir all over the world. At the inauguration of the American President Joe Biden for example, the poet has Amanda Gorman touched millions of viewers with her text about the wounds of the past, about democracy, mercy and reconciliation.

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