Smoked turbot with terrine of roasted leeks, orange reduction and cava foam


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Do you want to surprise this New Year’s Eve? Check out the recipe that CETT prepares: smoked turbot with roasted leeks terrine, orange reduction and cava foam.

Time: 90min

For 5 persons

(Smoked turbot)

500g clean turbot

30g sugar

15g sea salt

15g smoked salt

Cover the pieces of turbot with the sugar, the two types of salt and vacuum pack. Let stand 1h.

(Terrine of roasted leeks)

500g leeks

Leeks can be roasted in two ways: baked or flamed. To roast the leeks in the oven, put them on a tray and put them in an oven at 180ºC for 30 minutes (turn over halfway through cooking). In the case of choosing to roast the leeks to the flame with the help of tweezers or gloves, we will place the leeks on top of a flame and we will turn them over so that they are roasted. Once scalded, remove the outer layer and place in a mold, press a little so that when cooling they remain compact. Let it rest with a small weight on top.

(Orange reduction)

1L orange juice

Olive oil

Put the orange juice in a saucepan and let it reduce, over medium heat, until there are approximately 100ml left. When it has the right texture, emulsify with the oil and reserve.

(Cava foam)

35ml raw cava

100g champiñon

100g shallots

500g vegetable cream

Cut the shallots and the mushrooms to brunoise and brown. Once golden, deglaze with the cava and let the alcohol evaporate. Add the cream and cook together and heat low for about 10 minutes. Blend, strain and place in a siphon. Reserve.


Clean the turbot, dry, portion and grill. Unmold the leek terrine and cut the desired portion. Plate both products harmoniously and season with the orange reduction and accompany with the cava foam.


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