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Ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2021.04.08 08:32

Both the Korean progressive ruling party and the Democratic Party of Korea are shocked by the defeat of the 4.7 by-elections. The Democratic Party convened an emergency Supreme Committee meeting at 10 pm on the 7th, and had a fierce debate at midnight over the renewal plan such as the decline and scope of the leadership and the next guidance system system. Kim Tae-nyeon, acting representative of the Democratic Party of Japan and in-hospital representative, said, “I humbly accept the public sentiment that appears in the results of the election. , Innovate. ” However, he could not reach a conclusion on the collection plan. The Democratic Party of Japan will hold a general meeting of parliamentarians on the morning of the 8th to continue related discussions such as the departure of the leadership.

Inside the Democratic Party, there have been criticisms that “the party-led negative campaign has rather ignited the administration’s debate,” said a senior member of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Even among experts, “Instead of being humble, the strategy of” dogs covered with feces, dogs covered with poop “exploded the anger of people in their twenties and thirties.” “I received a postponed referee” (Park Sung-min, representative of the political consulting group “Min”).

There are many views that the Democratic Party cannot avoid internal turmoil. An alternative is the conversion of the emergency response committee after the resignation of the leadership. A Democratic Party lawmaker, Chuncheon, said, “We were at the crossroads of whether the party would obey or oppose the people’s hearts.” You can also talk about it. ” The problem is that no one is recommended as the chairman of the emergency response committee. The first thing that is being discussed is the re-appearance of former representative Lee Hae-chan. However, in connection with this by-election, former representative Lee said, “The Mayor of Seoul election seems to have almost won” (March 19), which caused a headwind. There are many claims that they lack power.

In addition, ▼ the possibility of manipulating the all-party convention scheduled for May (early general theory) ▼ the theory of early election of the in-hospital representative (acting party representative authority) after the resignation of the leadership is also mentioned as an alternative. However, the early general theory was rejected by the candidates due to lack of campaign period because three party runners (Song Young-gil, Woo Won-shi, and Hong Young-pyo) decided to stop the election campaign from the 24th of last month until the by-election. There are many views that it is unrealistic in that it is likely to do so. The most realistic alternative is the early election of the in-hospital representative, who will take over the party representative duties (in-hospital representative) first and manage the party until the all-party convention in May. A Democratic Party member in Seoul said, “It’s been a month before a new leadership is elected. I told Kim Tae-nyeon’s hospital representative that if he loses, it’s right to organize them in an orderly manner.”


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