Spectacular turn of events! Nagui unveils new game rules that will change everything!

Nagui: Don’t forget the lyrics has thrilled the public of France 2 since December 15, 2007. This program is both produced and hosted by Nagui, one of the favorite hosts of the French. No wonder it is a hit and makes audience ratings for the France Televisions channel. But the success of Do not forget the lyrics is not up to Nagui and a quality program. It is also due to the fact that the program knows how to reinvent itself from time to time. And precisely, the time has arrived for Do not forget the lyrics to modify its formula a little. Discover the changes in the rules of the game that will take place soon.

Nagui: Don’t forget the lyrics adapts to the times to keep pace with popular TV shows

All the music and singing actors always have a delicious time in front of Do not forget the lyrics. But for the success to continue, it is true that the program is not exactly the same as when it was launched. Like all popular TV shows, programs need to know how to adapt. As well, Do not forget the lyrics had first adapted its rules in January 2013. Before this change, contestants performed increasingly complex songs and had to remember more and more lyrics. The whole in order to make more e, more grow their jackpots. It was very simple. Now the contestants play for points and choose themes. Some categories are worth more points than others and thus earn more money than others for candidates.

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This change was expected at the turn because it could have distorted the game so popular with the public. Fortunately, he only improved the principle of the game while keeping his soul intact. And that’s what Nagui is looking to do once again this year. Indeed, the host and producer of Do not forget the lyrics confided in the columns of TV Magazine. He claims that in a short time, the rules known to the public and the fans will change. These changes will involve the tournaments of Teachers starting this summer. But more are to come and will directly concern viewers! Because Do not forget the lyrics wants to involve their fans more in the process of the game.

What then are the surprises that Nagui has in store for us? Mélanie Page’s husband is well known for not doing things by halves and for seeing them in a big way!

The Maestros will be in a blind tournament?

As of this summer, Nagui affirms that the tournaments of teachers will be very different from previous tournaments. Indeed, Do not forget the lyrics will try to increase the difficulty of the game even more. The idea is then not to tell the candidates for what number of points they risk playing. Normally, the categories available to choose from indicate the number of points they earn. But soon, it will be blind that the candidates will take the plunge! What to add a little suspense in the initial formula of Don’t forget the lyrics.

Candidates will have to deal with stage fright, stress, their knowledge and this notion of additional surprise. No doubt, many will be those who risk being destabilized by this new formula. And this will give rise to unprecedented situations. Because generally, it is the most complex categories that are reserved for the end of the show. With such a change, they can intervene at any time!

Finally, Nagui wishes to involve viewers more in Do not forget the lyrics. It’s a fact that the internet has a say in broadcasts, whether we ask them or not. So why not allow them to participate directly in the shows? This is the challenge that Nagui and his production teams set themselves for the future. They don’t yet know exactly how this will work out. But they argue that it is essential to move in this direction. So that Do not forget the lyrics continue to fascinate crowds for a long time to come, they must be an integral part of the event. Is a more digital version to be considered? The surprise remains full and complete. What is certain is that Do not forget the lyrics is not likely to leave the sis antenna early.

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