Sport Talk Club experts told how athletes to arrange their lives after the end of their careers

A meeting of the Sport Talk Club was held in Kiev at PMHUB. At the event, which was organized as part of the educational platform Parimatch Education, this time experts discussed how athletes can find themselves in life after the end of their careers.

The speakers of the meeting were Darijo Srna (football director of FC Shakhtar) and Stanislav Medvedenko (two-time NBA champion in the Los Angeles Lakers), and Olivier Yarosh (member of the Knowledge Center of Stockholm Business School) also spoke at the Sport Talk Club.

Discussion of a topic that should be interesting, first of all, to athletes, gathered a large audience on YouTube. During the conversation, the audience asked many questions, they were interested in when exactly athletes need to think about what they will do after the end of their careers and what mistakes it is important not to make.

The guests of Sport Talk Club presented interesting cases and shared their advice to current athletes and, possibly, future businessmen, coaches, and managers. The most important thing for them now is to invest their time in learning. And it is important to do this exactly before the end of your career, otherwise you can then lose several years.

One of the most interesting questions was about who is more likely to get a job in a club or federation. A former athlete or someone who trained specifically to become a manager. Here opinions were somewhat divided. Basically, the speakers agreed that an athlete has more opportunities in this regard, but many can be stopped by a salary that is much, much lower than they had during their careers.

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Dario Srna: “The career of a football player is just a fairy tale. They come to training and go home after it. But the coach’s working day never ends. This is a very difficult profession and you need to learn a lot. You need to do this before the end of your career, otherwise you can lose a lot of time later. Some players, for example, even get depressed. True, I didn’t have it, after the end of my career I immediately joined work at Shakhtar. Although, I am very sorry that I didn’t read much. There were many matches, a tight schedule. now I read more. And I want to tell all the young guys that they have much more opportunities than I had. Everything is on the Internet and it is easier to do your own education. “

Stanislav Medvedenko: “Much depends on the coaches, they are the ones who must explain to the players what to learn. In the USA, for example, due to academic failure, they may not be allowed to train. Dario said everything correctly, you can study online. I would also recommend actively running social networks, hiring for this specialist, or, in extreme cases, to entrust his wife. And you do not need to do business during your career, it is distracting. Better, save money, you will need a financial pillow. “

Olivier Jarosh: “The football world, in fact, uses little ex-players and here it is most often a lack of education. Sports careers are short, but at the time of the end of the performances – the person is still quite young, he is about 35 years old. He can study and get a second education. People who started getting an education from the very beginning and then start their careers are about 25. Yes, in some ways they are more professional than former athletes, but those behind them have invaluable experience, they know the kitchen from the inside. “

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Vadim Misyura, Parimatch representative: “Each meeting of the Sport Talk Club touches upon important and hot topics of sports and together we become cooler. A sports product in Ukraine requires special attention, and we try to make it better. It depends on how management works. In 2021, sports will face new challenges. We are waiting for the return of major sporting events, including the European Football Championship, the European Badminton Championship, which will be held in April in Ukraine, the Tokyo Olympics and many others. And here management and its professionalism come to the fore. it is for such people that our project was created. “

Note that the next meeting of the Sport Talk Club is scheduled for April.


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